tortie cat curled up on round scratcher

Chatty Cats: The Staredown

Happy Friday! Did everyone have a nice week? If you ask Dexter, Olive and Woodrow, the answer is no. They all went in for their annual wellness exams. I’ll write more about it later. Nothing too exciting, though. Sophie was home alone and probably felt left out. Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

The Staredown

tortie cat stares at camera with popcorn bowl nearby

Mama: Why are you staring at me?
Olive: Did you forget your manners?
Mama: No.
Olive: Is sharing no longer caring?
Mama: Cats don’t eat popcorn.
Olive: ∗scoffs∗ Cats?! I am a tortie!
Mama: …cat. A tortie cat.
Olive: …
Mama: Stop staring at me!
Olive: I can do this all day, Mama. All. Day.

The Week in Photos

Dexter groomed Olive.

tabby cat grooming tortie cat

Sophie sat alone in disbelief that Dexter would groom someone else.

white cat sitting on comforter

Woodrow’s tail got all poofy.

tabby cat with puffed up tail

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  1. Olive, my cat Rudy loves popcorn- any kind, buttered, cheddar, caramel. You are all such cuties. I hope you are all healthy. XO

  2. One of my cats eats popcorn!
    How did you wrangle multiple cats to the vet? If I get one, it’s a great day! Mine hear the carrier and disappear.

    1. The cats are much easier to catch in their “old age” – but three cats at once is still a two-person job. So both my husband and I went on this visit.