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Chatty Cats: Boring Dexter

Happy Friday! SNOW! We had snow here this week in Orange County, California…for about 1 minute anyway. I was on a Zoom call at the time and couldn’t get up to snap a photo or take a video. But it was fun to see it through the window. Hope you had a nice week!

Boring Dexter

white cat with head in bed occupied by tabby cat

Sophie: What are we looking it?
Dexter: Nothing, I’m sleeping
Sophie: Sounds boring.
Dexter: Then go away and let me sleep.
Sophie: While I’ve got you, is my purse in here by any chance?

If you saw the video I posted on social media this week, Sophie actually kicked Dexter out of the bed shortly after this.

The Week in Photos

A coming-in-for-a-head-bonk hello from Sophie.

white cat with blue eyes

An upside-down hello from Dexter.

tabby cat looking at camera upside down

A stretchy-the-leggy hello from Olive.

tortie cat stretching arm out

A blurry-bleppy-nose-boop hello from Woodrow.

blooper photo of tabby cat's nose and mouth

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  1. Love All the “hellos” – Sophie got her way I see – I don’t think she believed it when Dexter told her that her purse was NOT in there…..Dexter was NOT happy though to be forced out of his napping location….poor boy…..

    Hugs, Pam

  2. You are all cuties. Sophie you need to keep an eye on those pirses of yours. :) Have a nice weekend. We are expecting 4-5 inches of snow- I wish I could you some. XO