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Chatty Cats: Not My Cat!

Happy Friday! How’s the weather in your area? It seems to be making the news a lot lately. There are blizzard warnings here in Southern California, but not by me. We’re just expecting rain and cold. And even though cold only means in the 50s, I’m sure the cats will be in full-on cuddle mode. Have a wonderful weekend!

Not My Cat!

tabby cat looking up at camera with white cat cuddled to him

Dexter: Mama, I can’t hold it any longer.
Mama: Then go use the litter.
Dexter: Sophie won’t move.
Mama: Just stand up.
Dexter: Come get your cat, Mama!!
Mama: Oh, now she’s MY cat? I’m pretty sure she’s your cat.
Dexter: No, she’s your cat!
Mama: Nope, yours!
Sophie: I’m feeling very not wanted right now!

The Week in Photos

I washed a soft, giant comforter a while ago and temporarily put it on my chair while putting other items away. But the cats love it too much to move it (as you can see), so I think it’s there to stay.

Woodrow and his cute leggies.

tabby cat sleeping on blanket

A rare solo shot of Dexter (also cute leggies).

tabby cat cuddled into comforter

Olive uses Dexter as a pillow.

tortie cat and tabby cat cuddling on blanket

Awkward Sophie and normal Dexter.

goofy white cat and tabby cat on blanket

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  1. guyz !! trout soop will cure de winter time blooz….ore a nice fresh roasted perch pizz pie two :)
    happee week end two all ♥♥♥