Chatty Cats: Perfect Pawsies

Happy Friday! In case you missed it, we published a product review on Monday of a nice little cat water fountain. We like it so much that we purchased two. Other than that, nothing too exciting going on over here. We hope everyone had a nice week!

Play-by-Play by Dexter

tortie cat sitting with tabby cat on sofa chair

Olive: What’s going on out there?
Dexter: The mailman just handed Steve a box.
Olive: What’s in it?
Dexter: How would I know?
Olive: Now what’s going on?
Dexter: The mailman is laughing at something Steve said.
Olive: What did he say?
Dexter: Olive, just turn around and watch for yourself!
Olive: Nah, it’s easier if you give me the play-by-play.
Dexter: For you!
Olive: I’m glad you get it.

Perfect Pawsies

Every time I turn around, I find a cute pair of pawsies on my desk! Any guesses on these pairs?

cute white paws on desk

cute white paws on desk

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16 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Perfect Pawsies

  1. Love the “play by play” demand……! Cute pawsies but not sure whose they are – all I know is they’re adorable and soft looking…the claws might not be soft but the fur is…..Sweet photos.

    Hugs, Pam

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