Looking for a cat water fountain? Check this one out!

If you’re looking for a cat water fountain, the Dockstream Wireless Pump Water Fountain from Petlibro is a great choice.

I purchased this fountain after seeing it promoted by a fellow cat owner. My cats have been using the water fountain for over three months now, so today I’m giving our review.

For the TL;DR version: I liked the Dockstream Wireless Pump Water Fountain so much that I bought a second one for my cats!

tabby drinking from cat water fountain
Dexter likes it too!

This review will include:

  • The unboxing and setup of the Dockstream Wireless Pump Water Fountain
  • Features of the cat water fountain
  • The differences between the two models they offer (I purchased one of each)

Disclosure: I purchased two Petlibro Dockstream Wireless Pump Water Fountains. This post is not sponsored by Petlibro. This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase using an affiliate link, Three Chatty Cats will earn a small commission. This does not affect the price you pay for the item.

Unboxing the Petlibro Dockstream Water Fountain

The version of the cat water fountain that I first bought was the battery-operated, cordless model, which meant easy placement since it didn’t need to be near an outlet.

But when I purchased a second fountain, I decided it didn’t need to be cordless. This unboxing video is of the corded version of the Dockstream Water Fountain. The fountain bowls and parts are the same for either model, though, so I can easily swap them out. Both models have wireless pumps.

Included in the box (for both the battery-operated and corded versions):

  • Fountain bowl
  • Power adapter
  • Wireless water pump
  • Filter, lid and spout
  • Cleaning brush

Dockstream Water Fountain Features (both models)

Petlibro cat water fountains

  • The fountain bowl holds 2.5 liters
  • The filter has 4 layers of filtration
  • According to Petlibro, the fountain registers at only 23dB (which is quieter than a whisper)
  • The wireless pump means no cords in the water tank, making it super easy to clean – just lift the fountain off the base, no hassling with a wire connected to the pump.
  • The water pump shuts off when it detects a low water level in the bowl.

Comparing the Two Dockstream Models

The battery-operated version needs to be charged initially (and about every 30 days), but then you can set it anywhere in your house. The advantage of this version is that you don’t need to have your fountain near an outlet. Some cat parents might also worry about cord chewing. This model eliminates that worry.

The corded version will need to be within a few feet of an outlet (the cord is 5 feet long), and it supposedly has a chew-proof cable.

Other differences between the two models:

  • The battery-operated bowl is opaque, but the corded version is transparent so you can see when the water needs refilling.
  • The lid on the battery-operated one is stainless steel. The corded version is plastic (BPA free).
  • The battery-operated model will only provide a 24/7 flow of fresh water if it is plugged in with the cord. Otherwise, it uses Radar Induction Mode, which senses when your cat is near the fountain, and it turns on the flow of water up the spout. This mode also does a 20-second flow every hour to keep the water fresh and cycled.

This Cat Water Fountain Gets the Job Done

Some other water fountains I’ve used (and liked as well) are pretty fancy, connecting to your smartphone, letting you know how much water has been consumed, advising when water levels are low, etc.

But if you just want an easy-to-use and easy-to-clean cat water fountain, then I highly recommend the Petlibro Dockstream Water Fountain (either model).

My highest praise for it is how quiet it is. The second best thing is how easy it is to maneuver and clean (no dealing with a cord attached to the pump).

I personally think that both models should have transparent bowls (like from the corded version) and stainless steel lids (like from the battery-operated version). It’s odd that they differ.

The most important thing, though, is that the cats drink from the water fountain. Check out Dexter and Woodrow enjoying the fountain.

If I had to pick one model over the other, I’d go with the corded version. I think the transparent bowl (so you know when the water needs refilling) outweighs the battery-operated option. But if you don’t have an outlet handy, then of course the battery-operated one would be right for you.

Where to Buy

If you think this cat water fountain might be right for you, here’s the pricing at the time of this writing:

  • Corded Model – $39.99
  • Battery-Operated Model – $69.99

Direct from their website: Shop PetLibro!
Or shop on Amazon: Dockstream Wireless Pump Water Fountain

Any questions? Ask in the comments and I’ll respond!

(Dexter says, “Now please let me drink in peace!”)

tabby drinking from cat water fountain

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11 thoughts on “Looking for a cat water fountain? Check this one out!

  1. I’ve always thought a cordless fountain would be a great idea since the place I want to put the fountain doesn’t have an outlet near by. I’ll have to check this one out. Thanks for the review.

  2. I like the fact it’s quiet – Teddy wouldn’t come near the one I tried out on him a couple of years ago because it hummed. Yes he’s weird. LOL Great review!

    Hugs, Pam

  3. These look like cool fountains. Thank you for sharing them with us. They are reasonably priced, so I will look into them the next time we need a new fountain.

    By the way, Woodrow drinking out of the fountain is too cute.

  4. That looks like a great fountain. It probably would have been better for Eric as it only has a limited amount of water in the top part. The fountain we had he had a fixation about having to scrape all the water out across the kitchen floor.

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