Chatty Cats: Battle Wounds

Happy Friday! The sun came back this week, which was nice. No rain, but now we’re dealing with lots of wind. And in case you’re wondering, I didn’t feel the (minor) earthquake that happened midweek in Southern California. I imagine the cats did, though! Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

Battle Wounds

Woodrow: Mama, check out my battle wound.
Mama: And why did Olive scratch you?
Woodrow: Who said it was Olive?
Mama: It’s always Olive. You should be nicer to her.
Woodrow: But she scratches me!
Mama: Because you’re not nice to her!
Woodrow: It’s an endless circle, Mama.
Mama: You could end it.
Woodrow: It said it’s an ENDLESS circle, Mama!

The Week in Photos

Dexter showed off his cute leggies.

Woodrow said, “What about my leggies?”

Olive relaxed in the sun.

Sophie became a ball of floof.

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