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Happy Friday! I can’t believe that 2023 is two days away. This year seemed both short and long, know what I mean? I want to use this last post of 2022 to introduce a new family member – Guster! We decided much earlier in the year that we would adopt a dog (or puppy) in the month of December because Ross has a couple of weeks off from work and could work with him on training.

The cats have adjusted just fine. After all, we had our previous dog Eddie for over 17 years before he passed in 2020 – so the cats are used to being around a dog. Dexter and Olive don’t seem very interested in Guster. Sophie is her usual happy-go-lucky self and doesn’t seem to notice Guster much. Woodrow has been putting Guster in his place and bossing him around, which is great puppy training.


Woodrow: Hey, don’t do that!
Mama: What’s wrong?
: He’s mocking me.
Mama: How?
Woodrow: I was cleaning, now he’s cleaning.
Mama: Or, maybe he’s learning from you.
Woodrow: Like, I’m his teacher?
Mama: Sure.
Woodrow: … What’s the pay like for this role?
Mama: Hugs and kisses.
Woodrow: From you or the puppy?
Mama: From-
Woodrow: Pass!!!

The Week in Photos

Sophie focused on my snack.

white cat sitting in room

Woodrow practiced his selfies.

tabby cat sitting above camera

Dexter stretched out.

tabby cat stretched out and napping on a bed

Olive watched me work.

tortie cat peeking around laptop screen

Flashback photo of Angel Harley from December 2020.

handsome siamese mix cat with blue eyes

A Little More About Guster

Guster weighed in at 6.4 pounds when we adopted him. The rescue thinks he’ll be anywhere from 20 to 30 pounds when he’s fully grown. He’s smaller than all the cats, but that will change quickly. We don’t know his breed, but he’s clearly some terrier mix. Guster, his mom and nine siblings were rescued from Mexico by the group we adopted him from. He was the first of his litter to be adopted. The mom will be up for adoption once all the puppies are adopted. Welcome to the family, Guster!

First Christmas, all tuckered out.

puppy sleeping in front of Christmas tree

“Hey guys, let me in!” (My office is off-limits to him for now as the cats’ safe space.)

puppy peeking over gate into room

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  1. Guster is adorable and I’m sure the cats will have fun torturing him (haha). Seriously – nice way to start the new year having a new family member. The Harley flashback is precious – those whiskers – those eyes….no doubt he’s whispering warnings in Guster’s ear about who to watch out for in his new family! Happy New Year……..

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

  2. Welcome to the family guster. You are going to be very happy here as long as you let the cats be in charge. Were those Dexter’s toe beans in the photo at the top?

  3. Guster is adorable! So glad the rest of the gang is taking the puppy invasion well. Love the picture of Olive watching you and, of course, Harley.

  4. Guster, what a cutie pie!
    Glad to read that the cats are meh about him.
    Love the image of Olive peeking around the edge of your monitor; definitely monitoring your work progress!
    Happy Mew Year to all.

  5. Guster, you couldn’t have landed in a more wonderful place! Life is going to be fun and an adventure! Guster is adorable. It’s gonna be interesting!
    Olive is darling peeking out from behind your screen♄
    Mr. Blue Eyes♄

  6. What a cutie Guster is!! Welcome! I had to laugh, that gate would NEVER cut it with Levi. That would have been knocked down SECONDS after putting it up! I had babygates that I used for Dakota for 13 years that Levi IMMEDIATELY jumped over. We had to resort to METAL GATES. One of them is DOUBLE barricaded with a plastic babygate in front of it because Levi figured out how to bang them open (sigh)