white cat and tabby cat cuddling

Chatty Cats: Camper Battle

Happy Friday! Only two more sleeps until Santa! Woodrow wants to be sure you’re aware of that. He can hardly contain himself. We hope everyone has a nice, warm and cozy Christmas. And if you don’t celebrate, then we hope you have a nice, warm and cozy weekend!

Camper Battle

white cat and tabby cat climbing into cat hideout

Sophie: Move over!
Woodrow: You move!
Sophie: This isn’t a double wide!
Woodrow: I was here first.
Sophie: Have you heard of ladies first?
Woodrow: Sounds dumb.
Sophie: You’re dumb.
Woodrow: No, I’m dum dum.

A friend came over Wednesday and brought the cats a present. It’s an adorable camper hideout. Woodrow won the battle and got to play in it first.

The Week in Photos

Woodrow staking his claim on the camper.

tabby cat in cat hideout

Olive sat behind a curtain.

cat silhouette in window

Dexter played with some tissue paper. (Cute video of it here.)

tabby cat playing with tissue paper

Sophie blepped.

white cat with tongue out

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  1. Those campers are absolutely adorable. If I thought for one minute Ted would fit in one I’d get it for him…..but he actually would need a double wide at 28 lbs. to fit! Love all the photos – everyone must be feeling frisky about Santa Paws coming! We wish you a fabulous Christmas……..

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy

  2. Cool camper. I hope Santa brings you another. And I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, but I know it will be hard with your recent loss. XO