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Chatty Cats: One Last Chat with Harley

Harley: Mama, listen up! And take some notes.
Mama: ∗Grabs notebook∗ Ready!
Harley: Tell Sophie her purse is in the garage in the closet under the stairs behind the Christmas decorations in a box marked Donations.
Mama: What?
Harley: Tell Dexter he’ll be next in line for Senior Cat in Charge. I doubt he’ll live up to my greatness, but…Actually, no buts. That’s it.
Mama: What are you talking about?
Harley: Tell Olive she’s one cool cat and has my nomination for favorite once I’m gone.
Mama: Gone where?
Harley: And to my pal Woodrow, tell him that 3 plus 3 is 6.
Mama: Huh?
Harley: Yeah, scratch that. Just tell him that math is hard and he’ll get it one day.
Mama: Will he?
Harley: ∗chuckles∗ He won’t.
Mama: ∗giggles∗
Harley: And to you and cat dad, thank you for loving me.
Mama: ∗whispering∗ Do you have to go?
Harley: I do, Mama. These old man bones are tired.
Mama: But Harley…
Harley: My next adventure awaits!
Mama: What will I do when you’re gone?
Harley: You’ll think of me and smile. Obviously. Now, give me a headbonk.
Mama: ∗bonk∗
Harley: And tell me you love me.
Mama: I love you.
Harley: I love you too, Mama.

Sweet Harley

My sweet senior boy passed away sometime Monday evening into Tuesday morning. Yes, we were treating him for an infection, but he had been doing okay. He was out and about as usual, was eating again, and had been following me around like he always did. So, we were not expecting his passing. We suspect, and his vet agrees, that his heart simply gave out while he was sleeping. (He had CKD as well as heart disease.) While it was devastating, I am thankful he passed peacefully at home.

This week has been incredibly difficult, and I miss him with all my heart.

Photos of Harley and the Crew

Harley and Dexter

This photo is one of the first times that Harley came downstairs when he was still a foster. He wanted to see the Christmas tree. I’m happy he got to see the tree this year, too.

tabby cat and siamese mix cat
December 2017

Dexter’s preferred method of hanging out with Harley – apart.

tabby cat and siamese mix cat
January 2021

Harley and Olive

Sniff check. (She passed.)

siamese mix cat sniffing tortie cat
March 2021

Troublemakers, watch out!

two cats walking together
January 2021

Harley and Sophie

Sniff check. (She didn’t pass.)

white cat and siamese mix cat
February 2022

Harley made sure Sophie knew who was in charge.

siamese mix cat touching white cat
November 2020

Harley and Woodrow

If Harley was friends with any of our cats, it was Woodrow. They joined the household within a few months of each other, and they could often be found together.

Let’s be friends, Woodrow.

siamese mix cat touching tabby cat
January 2021

He said yes.

tabby cat and siamese mix cat napping together
December 2021

Harley and the Humans

Ross and Harley, just a few days into foster care.

man smiling behind siamese mix cat
November 2017

Selfie with mom.

woman with siamese mix cat
September 2019

And one final shot of all our pets – including Angel Eddie who passed in 2020. Not a great photo, but I think the only one of all six together.

five cats and one dog gathered around
January 2019

This video was from RememberMe Thursday this year, and I thought I’d share it again. It’s Harley’s adoption story.

Thank You

Thank you for the overwhelming love and support that so many of you have already shown. Your comforting words have helped tremendously this week. And thank you to those who told me they donated to Best Friends in his name (where we fostered and adopted him from).

To close out this longer-than-usual post (thanks for making it this far), I’d like to share the journal spread I made to honor my sweet boy. I haven’t put any words on it yet because I’m still deciding what to say. But it’s a small start in my grieving and healing process. #harleyforever

journal spread to honor cat

journal spread to honor cat

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  1. I know how hard it is…..but I am happy Harley hopped on his cloud while sleeping and dreaming of the love he’d known with all of you. I am so heartbroken – that boy was special to all of us. Thanks for sharing all your furry family with us but Harley…well … he had the magic…..didn’t he. Love and big hugs……..

    Pam and Teddy

  2. harley, your mama wrote a beautiful post for you, and your journal spread is like the
    awesumest….just like you. we love you too dood. maybe it will help your mom and
    dad a wee bit, to know St Francis was by your side on monday ❤️❤️ hugs and loves
    to them, your family and you ❤️❤️

    us tabbies ~~~~~~~~ dai$y, mackerull and dude, sauce, boomer & tuna

  3. I knew I couldn’t read this without crying my eyes out and I sure was right. We are all such Harley Fans and we’ll remember that sweet soul forever and ever. Thanks for sharing him with all of us. We send love and hugs to all of you chatty ones.

  4. His last gift to you was to not have you make any end of life decisions. He will be dearly missed by all of us bloggers. He was a bigger than life personality. Hugs to all.

  5. Rachel, this is the most beautiful, touching and thoughtful post in remembrance of Harley. He was so lucky to have found a home with you to spend his final years. He was obviously well loved. It is such a blessing when they leave us on their own terms in the home they knew and loved. RIP, Harley. You will be loved and remembered always. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, angel Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer, Kizmet, Audrey & Raleigh and their mom, Janet

  6. I am so happy that Harley got to spend those wonderful years with you and that you and Ross got to know him. My husband and I feel like we knew him through your posts. Our hearts go out to you in your time of loss. Hugs to all of you!

  7. I couldn’t read it all in one go. Too many tears. Harley was loving to the end and went when he was ready so you wouldn’t have to make the awful decision. He was loved by so many and will be missed. Love to you and Ross.

  8. It seems like such a nominal thing to say, but I am deeply sorry for your loss. It takes a long time to move through grief and loss and I know you will be missing your boy for a long long time. Healing graces to you.

  9. When I saw the title of this post I immediately was frightened. Then, when I started reading it and it was humorous I thought (and hoped) that I was wrong. Then….I saw I wasn’t wrong. I am so sad right now. My heart is just breaking. Harley is going to be sooooooooo deeply missed. Wish I could give you a giant hug (Ross too and the kitties). Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for sharing Harley with us. There is a giant hole in my heart. I’m so deeply, deeply sorry. (((hugs))))

  10. I couldn’t get through pass the third line, had to close it and read later when I was alone. How very blessed you were to have had the presence of this wonderful fur soul in your life and what a lucky old senior he was to have you! He also leaves the legacy of having saved a little kitten that needed blood, how sweet. I’m really going to miss seeing Harley’s shenanigans with the rest of the Chatty Cats. You beautiful exchange with Harley is fitting for how he passed, so peacefully, on his own terms, at home with his family. Fly free Harley, you blue-eyed angel. Wishing you well on your next adventures.
    Sending comforting hugs of purrs and peace to you, Ross and the whole Three Chatty cats crew during this difficult time. xx

  11. Harley, you are so missed♥ This is a beautiful tribute filled with so much love… teary here. He was a huge personality and oh those blue eyes. I am so thankful he had these last years with you and Ross. Thank you for sharing him with us, thank you for the Mama conversations with him and thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for sharing One Last Chat with Harley♥

  12. When my calico Buddy – age 19 – was succumbing to CKD I asked an animal communicator to talk to her. She told him she was “ready to go on to her next adventure” – just as Harley told you. My Sally Cookie was at the pound because she was “too needy” and Clover got herself into a no-kill shelter and was “unadoptable and mean” until we met at the front desk after my previous calico died. (And yes she had been – the staff was amazed when she went with me and fit in to my multi-cat menage.)
    What love Harley knew – and gave !

  13. This is terrible news. I am saddened to read it. But thank goodness he was able to leave from home, surrounded by the familiar scents and sounds that filled his dreams. Godspeed, Harley.

  14. Your last chat is without a doubt one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever read. It’s hard to believe that precious little guy is gone. You were so lucky to find each other. Thank you for making his final years so full of love and happiness.

  15. I am so sorry to hear this news about Harley. I know it may not be easy to see right now, but what beautiful memories you have of your special boy, Harley. He was so handsome and sweet. Thank you for sharing him with all of us.

  16. I didn’t make it past the third line of the chat beween and Harley before the tears started flowing. We are very sorry that it was time for him to go, but so incredibly grateful that he had such an amazing home — and a lifetime of love — in the time he was part of your family. Thank you for sharing Harley with all of us. We will remember him always. Gentle purrs and prayers for you all.

  17. Awww, what a wonderful and touching tribute too your sweet Harley!
    I am sorry for your loss. May all the memories you made over the years give you comfort now.

    I sent you an email, with a memento in it to honor Harley’s memory, and it will be in our next post, too.

    (((Sending love and hugs.)))

  18. When they go it’s the absolute worst. I miss mine every day, especially Dash and it’s been nearly ten years. Harley was a lovely cat.

    Farewell Harley, fly free and know you live on in your family’s hearts.

    Marjorie and Toulouse

  19. I have to admit, I’ve been crushing pretty hard on Harley. I loved his blue eyes and his sweet face with all that gorgeous floof. My heart breaks that he’s gone over the rainbow bridge, but now he’s an angel (actually always was) he will be watching over his family to make sure yoo keep all yoor promises. Love, Dori and mom Kim

  20. What a moving tribute to Harley. I thought reading it this week would be easier, but tears have drenched my face. I’m so sorry. I know I’m just a fan from afar, but I am fond of all your babies and he was, well, you know…I had such a crush on him. His story is heartwarming. A hero! Sending love from Pamela and Samantha Jo. xoxo

  21. OMC Rachel, we just read about the passing of your sweet boy and have tears all over, while reading your beautiful and heartfelt tribute😿We’re so sorry, so deeply sorry. Soft Pawkisses to comfort all of you🐾😽💞 Fly free beautiful Soul, until we meet again✨