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Chatty Cats: Harley’s Complaint

Happy Friday! Unfortunately, it’s been a rough week here for Mr. Harley. He hasn’t been eating well (he’s been on an appetite stimulant for a couple of years). So, a trip to the vet was in order yesterday. His white blood cell count was really high, so we’re treating him for an infection for now, and we’ll do a recheck next week. He’s currently on several meds (long-term) and now we’ve added a couple more until next week. He’s a champ, though, and everyone knows he’s still the senior cat in charge.

We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Harley’s Complaint

senior cat in carrier at vet

Harley: Excuse me, I’d like to file a complaint.
Mama: I’m listening.
Harley: It’s really rude of you to keep taking me to the vet. I don’t appreciate it and it’s really rude.
Mama: You said it’s really rude twice.
Harley: To drive my point home.
Mama: Got it. Anything else?
Harley: I don’t think you’re taking me seriously. Can I speak to the manager?
Mama: I don’t have a manager.
Harley: ∗scoffs∗ You live with 5 cats. You most definitely have a manager.

The Week in Photos

Harley settled in after speaking to the manager.

siamese mix cat sitting on chair

Olive yelled at me for having to listen to Harley complain. She said if I were a good employee then Harley wouldn’t need to speak to the manager.

tortie cat yawning

Woodrow asked for a nose boop.

tabby cat looking up

Dexter smelled Sophie’s feet.

tabby cat sitting close to another cat's feet

Sophie wondered why Dexter kicked her out of the cat bed.

white cat resting on chair

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  1. Harley you are one tough cookie (well…..maybe not cookie but you know what we mean)! We hope you recover from your infection QUICKLY because I’m sure you would rather be in charge of the gang there than having Olive as “manager”…..!! POTP on the way.

    Hugs, Teddy (and Mom)

  2. Boop!.. for Woodrow’s pink nose. Hugs and loves for Mr. Blue Eyes. I bet Sophie’s feet smell like Fritos. Maybe Dexter kicked her out of the bed because he doesn’t like Fritofeets.
    Hugs and Scritches to the Chatty Cats and JR. Associates!
    Thank you to the Mama for the Chatty conversations.

  3. Prayers for Harley and hoping he is well quickly! One of ours is also on so many meds. He feels Harley’s pain for going to the vet. Have a wonderful weekend, and thank you for sharing your kitties with us!

  4. Sending healing thoughts to Harley! Just to let you know, Mama, the fact that Harley needed to speak to the manager about you, will be going on your permanent record! Olive is probably going to be spending your year end bonus on more treats. Have a good weekend!

  5. Poor Harley. I will be praying that he feels better soon. Olive has a good point. :) You are all such cuties. XO

  6. Boop, boop, boop…Woodrow! Sophie, I think you need to clean your toe beans. That way you can snuggle with Dexter all you want. I support you Dexter. Harley, I hope Manager Olive got everything worked out for you and you feel 100% again very soon. Crack that whip Olive, crack that whip.

  7. Awww poor Harley! Hoping he is ok, I am sure he will be now that he got to speak to the “manager” MOL!! Who knew it was Olive????????? I’m hoping my boys don’t ask to speak to the manager because they will be directed to ME!! MOL!!

  8. Oh, we are so very sad about losing the sweetie! Such an awful moment for the family and the other kitties and for us. We who read about the sweetie and have only the memory. Love to your family during this sad time.

  9. I heard that Harley has crossed the Bridge and I came over to offer comforting purrs.
    It is always so sad when a beloved kitty/friend/companion leaves us.
    Mum and I offer comforting thoughts and purrs.
    Purrs, Julie

  10. So sorry to hear Harley earned his wing. We are so sorry, they are never here long with us. Sending big hugs and purrs to you all.

  11. Harley, we learned that you have made your journey to heaven and we want
    to say how very sorry we are. We understand how hard this is for your mom and
    dad, we sends lots of hugs and loves from all of us in trout towne

    daisy, mackerull, dude, sauce, boomer and tuna ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️