Chatty Cats: Asked and Answered

Happy Friday! Last weekend I attended the Costa Mesa Cat Extravaganza that was put on by LCWW Group (Loving Cats Worldwide). While it was a cat show with judges, there were also a lot of fun vendor booths – and lots of cats available for adoption! It was a nice little cat show and I was happy to see cats being adopted.

Here’s what my cats were up to this week. We hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Asked and Answered

Mama: Woodrow, can I get up now?
Woodrow: No.
Mama: Please can I get up?
Woodrow: No!
Mama: Woodrow!
Woodrow: The answer isn’t changing. Best get comfy.

The Week in Photos

Woodrow really stood by his “no” and took a nap on me.

Harley stared at my breakfast.

Olive got distracted while trying to distract me from working.

Dexter contemplated the drawing behind him and wondered if that’s how the world sees him.

Sophie performed a quality control inspection on a Cat Lady Alley order. It’s the Three Chatty Cats sticky notes. They passed inspection and are currently in the mail on their way. (She was really just trying to snag them for her purse.)

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Three Chatty Cats:

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