Chatty Cats: Do Not Disturb

Happy Friday! It cooled off here this week (we even had some rain), which means that it’s finally time for kitty cuddles. Dexter and Sophie were over-the-top adorable this week. As you’ll see. We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Do Not Disturb

Sophie: It’s okay, Dexter. I’ll protect you.
Dexter: Protect me? I protect you.
Sophie: We protect each other.
Mama: From what?
Sophie: Grabby hands.
Dexter: Pawparazzi.
Sophie: Annoying questions.
Dexter: Shall we go on?
Mama: It’s lucky you two are so cute.
Sophie: Lucky for you, you mean.

The Week in Photos

Sophie dressed up for Halloween.

Harley walked down the stairs (can you spot him?).

Olive supervised my work. (And politely suggested that I revise it.)

Dexter leaned on Sophie.

Woodrow tried to subtly tell me it was bedtime.

If you want to see more Dexter/Sophie cuteness, go check out this video I posted on Instagram! I can’t post it here because of the music that I used.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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