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Chatty Cats: Olive’s Bad Hair Day

Happy Friday! A quick Harley update. He had his annual echocardiogram this week and passed with flying colors. Basically, no changes. Yay, Harley!

Olive’s Bad Hair Day

tortie cat with fur groomed

Olive: Look at me, Mama!
Mama: What?
Olive: Look at what Dexter did to me!
Mama: What am I looking at?
Olive: My fur, it’s ruined. I’m lopsided and hideous!
Mama: He was just grooming you. It will fluff back up.
Olive: Don’t look at me, Mama!
Mama: You just told me to look at you.
Olive: Look away!
Mama: You’re very confusing.
Olive: I get that way when I’m lopsided.

The Week in Photos

Olive nipped out.

tortie cat rolling in catnip

Sophie hung out on the dining room table (without permission).

white cat on table

Dexter checked out his shadow.

tabby cat with shadow

Woodrow checked it out too.

tabby cat with shadow

Harley yawned. (That whisker!)

siamese mix cat yawning

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Great batch of photos…..Harley’s whisker is amazing……Olive always looks good even when she’s got a HAIR-LICK ! I hope everyone is ready for HOWL-O-WEEN!

    Hugs, Teddy and Mom too

  2. Good news for Harley’s report! I know the feeling Olive. I often wake that up like that in the mornings.