Chatty Cats: Woodrow’s Non-Answer

Happy Friday! Readers who visited last week know that Cat Dad and I were on vacation (a hint below at where we were). We returned in time to tune into the CWA awards ceremony where I won two Muse Medallions! I entered two categories this year, and I’m so honored that I won the Muse for both. And even more exciting, it’s for two categories that I’ve never won a Muse before (social media and photography). A big thank you to the contest judges – and an even bigger thank you to Katherine the contest chair for doing a wonderful job with the contest this year.

Woodrow’s Non-Answer

Mama: Were you good while we were on vacation?
Woodrow: What were you told? Who tattled?
Mama: No one tattled. I was just asking.
Woodrow: Don’t ask questions you don’t want answers to.
Mama: But I do want an answer.
Woodrow: Don’t ask questions that I don’t want to answer.

Our cat sitter reported that all kitties did well. Even Dexter hung out with her, which means he has accepted her into his circle. (She is honored to have been chosen.)

The Week in Photos

Harley fell asleep watching TV.

Sophie tried to squeeze in.

Dexter allowed her to.

Woodrow chilled in his house.

Olive looked gorgeous.

Vacation hint from last week.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Three Chatty Cats:

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  • Grand Canyon?
    I recognize the Roku remote but can't figure out where Harley's head starts/ends, nor which side is up!

  • The kitties are so cute, and what good kitties to accept the sitter into their clowder. The GC is a wonderful place, and so beautiful!

  • happee fry day two all and manee conga ratz two yur mom on her muse medallionz….WAY kewl ‼️
    we haz knot forgetted bout ewe, we iz still on internetz stoooopid heer in de land o trout and still canna commint but heer and there but knot much any wear. hope everee onez happee healthee N heerz two a grate week oh end 🐟❤️

  • Congratulations on your two Muses!

    We know Woodrow is too sweet to misbehave. Demanding of laps and treats, maybe. Just like Ellie <3

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