Chatty Cats: Harley’s Self-Assessment

Happy Friday! Harley had a senior exam this week. He did very well and didn’t even pee in the carrier on the way, which he usually does. His kidney values held steady (he has chronic kidney disease), and so did his weight. He was also rechecked for his most recent development of hyperthyroidism. He’s been on meds for 4 months now – and his thyroid levels were perfect! The vet said Harley is doing very well considering he’s had CKD for over three years, hyperthyroidism and heart disease! He has his next echocardiogram scheduled for later this month. Harley is a happy senior kitty, and we love him very much.

Harley’s Self-Assessment

Harley: What are we doing here?
Mama: Just a quick checkup.
Harley: I feel fine. Checkup done!
Mama: I’d love to take your word for it, but…
Harley: Come on, zip me up, let’s go!
Mama: We’ll just wait for the vet.
Harley: Such a doubter, Mama.

The Week in Photos

Dexter dared anyone to approach his bed.

Harley wondered why the marble cutting board was on his ottoman (product photos!).

Woodrow enjoyed the breeze.

Sophie made some biscuits.

Olive looked stunning in the golden hour light.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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