Chatty Cats: Harley’s Adoption Story

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Remember Me Thursday: Harley’s Adoption Story

Yesterday, we posted for Remember Me Thursday on social media. Below is the video about Harley’s adoption that we shared. We’re so fortunate to have this sweet senior kitty in our family!

(Btw, the top photo of Harley is a flashback from when he was a foster cat with us.)

The Week in Photos

Woodrow snoozed on the ottoman.

sleeping tabby cat

Dexter sat awkwardly.

cat sitting funny

Olive showed off her backside.

back legs of tortie cat

Harley licked his nose.

siamese mix cat with tongue out

Sophie looked adorable.

adorable white cat laying on back

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Harley we cried while watching… who can give a kitty like you back? who can do that? we are so happy you have the best place now and we hope there is such a good place for all our friends in need….

  2. Harley, you definitely are my hero! Thank you for donating blood and helping that other kitty survive. I am glad you found such a wonderful home even if it is with a bunch of crazy other kitties.

  3. Harley your story made my Mom cry – she just doesn’t see how anyone can not keep a cat they’ve accepted into their home – part of that is giving your heart to them and no way could you return an animal like a coat that doesn’t fit if your HEART is involved! You are so lucky you became a permanent member of your home where you were fostered……you’re a sweet boy and you certainly landed in the PURRRFECT place!

    Love, Teddy

  4. Awww, sweet Harley! I can’t give a cat back ever. Sometimes it just takes more time (or getting a new roommate!). Every cat is different and every one has their “thing” to get over. Even Morgan our perfect cat would occasionally lift her tush too high and pee over the litter box edge. That is until I found the ultimate high sided litter box. Now she is all perfect again. Sophie is the most photographic cat ever!

  5. My eyes are all wet watching Harley’s story. Hooray for his loving forever home! The rest of you are adorable too, although Sophie has an extra dollop of it today. Have a great weekend!

  6. Poor Harley must have felt so puzzled and upset to keep being returned. I am glad he has his forever home with you.

  7. I am so glad that Harley found a loving home in your family. Olive, are you getting ready for Tocktober? Have a nice week. XO

  8. OMC! Olive! The peep must be punished for showing such an unflattering pic.
    Loved the video of Harley. I remembered when you fostered him but didn’t know some of the other stuff.

  9. harley, i too wuz returned twice before libben wif my mum. dey thot i wuz to shy an i wuz a nibbler, witch i do not do anymore. good fing too cuz dere were too much noyse and too many liddle peeplez i did not like. mum sez to tell yor mum dat she lubz all yoo guyz an hopez dat sofee findz her purrrrse

  10. Sorry, Harley, but my tears are leaking too after reading your story, not of sadness, but of happiness that you found a family that looked into your soul and not of what they were told💗 We have a niece, The Nanny, with kind of same story, and she’s happy ever since she came to live with our two feet sister. Double Pawkisses for all of you, loved to see you all🐾😽💞