Chatty Cats: Sassy Sophie

Happy Friday! We had another really hot week here, but we’re hoping for some rain this weekend. That will be a nice change for us here in Southern California. I didn’t take a lot of photos this week, so today is just a chat with Sophie. Enjoy!

Sassy Sophie

Sophie: Mama, what do you think they’re doing up there?
Mama: How would I know?
Sophie: You would walk up there and check. Then you’d report back.
Mama: That’s not happening.
Sophie: But I feel so left out.
Mama: Then go up there yourself.
Sophie: Will you carry me?
Mama: Mmm, will you cuddle with me later?
Sophie: Why is everything a negotiation with you?
Mama: Why are you so lazy?
Sophie: I take after my mama.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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