Chatty Cats: Sassy Sophie

Happy Friday! We had another really hot week here, but we’re hoping for some rain this weekend. That will be a nice change for us here in Southern California. I didn’t take a lot of photos this week, so today is just a chat with Sophie. Enjoy!

Sassy Sophie

white cat lying on table look up

Sophie: Mama, what do you think they’re doing up there?
Mama: How would I know?
Sophie: You would walk up there and check. Then you’d report back.
Mama: That’s not happening.
Sophie: But I feel so left out.
Mama: Then go up there yourself.
Sophie: Will you carry me?
Mama: Mmm, will you cuddle with me later?
Sophie: Why is everything a negotiation with you?
Mama: Why are you so lazy?
Sophie: I take after my mama.

white cat with tongue out

Have a wonderful weekend!

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15 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Sassy Sophie

  1. Sophie is sooo beautiful!! I caught glimpses of your place in the background and it is GORGEOUS!! Love the colors and how artsy it is! Praying you get some much needed relief temperature-wise. I feel awful for all of you experiencing such intense heat!

  2. Harley is watching from behind wondering if Sophie will get carried upstairs.
    Since we were put on drought restrictions the temperature has dropped to mid 60s and it has rained every day. Of course we knew that would happen!

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