Chatty Cats: Olive’s Correction

Happy Friday! This will be quick because we’re melting over here! 100+ temps this week and into next week. Stay cool out there, friends, and have a nice Labor Day Weekend!

Olive’s Correction

Mama: It’s all about you today, Olive!
Olive: Today?
Mama: It can’t always be about you.
Olive: …
Mama: Four other cats live here!
Olive: Four other cats room here.

The Week in Photos

Here’s what the roomies were up to this week.

Woodrow sat in a box.

Olive screamed in a box.

Sophie chilled under a blanket (yes, in this heat).

Harley chilled on a chair.

Dexter loafed on the living room rug.


Have a wonderful weekend!

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Three Chatty Cats:

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  • happy boxing day to the chatty cats... buy ice cream, we do that too before we melt like that wicked witch....

  • Don't listen to your mom Olive. It's always all about you. You know that, I know that, and she knows that.

    Stay cool chatty cats and happy Labor Day weekend!

  • We have finally had some decent weather this week, high 70s and low 80s. Looks like it will warm up again but we are hoping not as bad as August. Keep cool!

  • In spite of the heat, looks like everyone is muddling through the high temps nicely...hopefully it will cool down a little for the holiday for you all..........a little break in the heat makes you feel human (or feline) again!

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

  • Nothing worse than hot heat. Stay cool. Olive, I wish it was all bout you more often. Love your sassiness.

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