Chatty Cats: Harley Takes the Blame

Happy Friday! Did everyone have a nice week? Nothing too exciting over here. Well, except for when our power went out briefly Wednesday evening. It rarely ever happens, but it’s a good reminder about how fortunate we are to have reliable electricity! It’s also interesting how quiet it gets when the entire neighborhood is without power. We hope you had a good week and we’re wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Harley Takes the Blame

cat investigating fake plant

Harley: Mama, this plant smells funny.
Mama: It’s fake.
Harley: Fake? What kind of household has fake plants?
Mama: The kind that needs fake plants because someone chews on real ones.
Harley: So everything is my fault now?
Mama: Yes, that’s exactly how I phrased it.
Harley: Thought so.

The Week in Photos

So, what were the rest of the cats up to while Harley chewed on our fake plants? Let’s see.

Sophie looked for her purse.

white cat searching in cabinet

Woodrow loved a delivery box.

tabby cat rubbing on box

Olive cuddled lap adjacent (she’s not an actual lap cat).

pretty tortie cat

Dexter yawned.

tabby cat yawning

Have a wonderful weekend!

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16 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Harley Takes the Blame

  1. Sophie, did you find at least one of your purses?!?
    Harley, that one isn’t going to taste very good!
    Dexter, spark up, lad!
    Olive, looking beautiful as always.
    Woodrow, it’s your box now!

  2. HA! Love how Harley’s whiskers are wrapped around the fake plant….he may have to find out the hard way what that one tastes like. Poor Sophie – a dozen purses and she can’t find even one of them. Maybe Santa will bring her one that an be handcuffed to her leg???? Have a GREAT weekend.

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy

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