Chatty Cats: Dexter’s Urgent Request

Happy Friday! Yesterday I received a very nice note on Instagram. A brand new follower direct messaged me to say that they were having a pretty bad day – but then started scrolling through my posts and that I single-handedly made their day better.

I love sharing my cats with the world and I know that they’ve touched many hearts, whether or not people tell me. But hearing something like that directly really makes all the time and effort that I put into posting worth it. And their comment of course made my day!

Also, a big thank you to all of you blog readers! Your comments always brighten my day and I love that you take the time to follow along on our ever-evolving cat journey. Hugs to you all! Now, back to the cats.

Dexter’s Urgent Request

Dexter: Mama, hurry!
Mama: What?
Dexter: Boop my nose!
Mama: Okay, let me just put down my sandwich and-
Dexter: I said hurry!
Mama: Okay, I just-
Dexter: Never mind! I’ll do it myself. ∗boop∗

The Week in Photos

Here’s what the cats were up to this week.

Woodrow found a sunny spot on a pillow.

Dexter said good morning to the world.

Harley stretched out and looked cool. (If you look closely, you can see where his underside was shaved over a month ago because of mats.)

Sophie sat and had a think.

Olive crossed her legs.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Three Chatty Cats:

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  • Your cats ALWAYS - and I repeat - ALWAYS - make me smile. It's a bright spot to see a post from you. We're not on Instagram so these "weekly roundups" here are grand. Thanks for sharing your adorable crew with us.

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

  • I am a big fan of the Chatty Cats and JR. Associates. I was so happy to find you years ago now... time screams by. Instagram is a wonderful bonus. The Mama Conversations make me smile everytime I read and see them. Dexter, I did boop the nose on my screen. Love you all! Hugs from me too!

  • always love seeing your kitties so I'm not surprised! Nice of the person to take the time to tell you that!

  • Love those kitties. I would just like to cuddle each one. You have a real insight into the nature of your cats.

  • THat would make my day too! Always nice to hear plesant feedback! Have a great weekend!

  • Sophie having a think made us smile real big. How nice of that new follower to DM you with such a lovely note. You and your cats always make us smile, too. Just saying!

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