Smart Pet Fountain by Uahpet

Today I have a review for you of the Smart Pet Fountain by Uahpet. I’m always looking for a great drinking fountain for Harley, our senior cat with kidney disease, and this fountain is a good one!

In this review, I’ll go over:

  • Setting up the fountain
  • Basic features
  • Advanced features
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Provide readers with a discount code at the end (discount code has since expired)

Disclosure: We are being compensated for our review of the Uahpet Smart Pet Fountain in exchange for an honest review. We also received a fountain free of charge. All opinions stated here are our own. Three Chatty Cats only shares information we feel would be relevant to readers. Uahpet is not responsible for the content of this post. This post contains an affiliate link.

Unboxing the Smart Pet Fountain

The fountain requires a little setup before use, but it’s pretty quick.

What’s in the box:

  • Water storage bucket
  • Drinking water tray
  • External water pump (with motion sensor)
  • Filter head (attached to the water pump)
  • Filter and filter tray
  • USB C cable (to recharge the battery)

To set up the fountain, first clean the bucket, tray, and filter head – and then give the filter a quick rinse. Now you’re ready to fill the bucket and assemble the fountain. The user manual isn’t super detailed, but the setup wasn’t too complicated. The water pump sits on the outside of the bucket – and the filter tray sits on the opposite side.

Note that the external water pump comes charged (at least mine did), but I also plugged it in for a bit to be sure. (The wall charger is not included.)

Charging the battery in the external water pump.

Basic Fountain Features

At its core, the Smart Pet Fountain is a fairly basic water fountain for your cat or dog. Here are its standard features.

  • A large 2L (67.6 oz) water storage tank.
  • All pieces come apart completely for easy cleaning.
  • It’s made of antibacterial material.
  • A wide drinking tray allows for whisker relief (your cat won’t get whisker fatigue).
Harley drinking from the fountain.

Advanced Fountain Features

Here’s what sets the Smart Pet Fountain apart from other fountains we’ve used.

The wireless pump. I’ve used a few different pet fountains that require the pumps to be plugged in, meaning 1) the fountain needs to be near an outlet, and 2) you have to deal with an unsightly cord.

I love that this pet fountain is wireless! And that it has a rechargeable battery. While I haven’t used it for 120 days yet, Uahpet claims the charge lasts up to 120 days. I’m sure this is dependent on how often your cat drinks from it (see next point).

Motion-activated pump. There are two settings. On the timer mode, you can choose to have the pump automatically run every 15 minutes to cycle the water. Or, you can set it to the motion-activated mode, so it senses when your pet is near and the pump turns on. I have it on the motion-activated setting. When the pump turns on, it is so quiet that it doesn’t startle the cats, which brings me to my next point.

The fountain is very quiet. When the pump goes on, it’s barely noticeable in a completely quiet room. In fact, I actually hear the water trickle more so than the water pump. But neither is very loud, and I would have no problem putting this fountain in a bedroom.

Here is a video with unedited audio of Harley drinking from the fountain.

Likes and Dislikes of the Smart Pet Fountain

I like that the fountain is cordless, the pump is very quiet, and that it’s easy to take apart and clean.

As for dislikes, I have none!

I like it so much that I ordered and paid for a second fountain for another spot in the house after using the free one I received for this review.

Woodrow appears to love it too.

Discount Code and Where to Buy

If you think the Smart Pet Fountain by Uahpet might be the next fountain for your cat, you can use our “THREECHATTYCATS” discount code for 15% off your purchase. Details below!

Shop at uahpet.com
15% off Discount Code: THREECHATTYCATS
Code valid until November 8, 2022 (the discount code has expired)

FTC Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase using an affiliate link, Three Chatty Cats will earn a small commission. This does not affect the price you pay for the item. Three Chatty Cats is a humor blog dedicated to entertaining our readers, but we do post the occasional product review that we feel would be relevant to our readers.

Any questions? Let me know in the comments and I’ll respond. (Harley says he’ll answer since he drinks from it and I don’t.)

Three Chatty Cats:

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  • ooh the last photo is super sweet!!! we had a fountain once but we fear it... yes, there are haunted fountains on the market, we are sure LOL

  • I've been seeing that pop up on my Facebook feed. I've had several fountains and none were popular with the cats. My cats get kibble in their water all the time so it has to be easy to change.

  • I cannot get Da Boyz to drink water; not from a fountain, not from my water glass, not from a big bowl, not from a small bowl, not even from the sink faucet!
    I add water to their canned food; they seem to like the slurry, and I know they are getting water!
    Sweetie, drinks religiously from her big bowl.
    Thanks for this fountain review.

  • as you know, we have that fountain and LOVE it!! This was a FABULOUS review!!!

  • I wish that sort of fountain was available when Eric was still here. It would have saved many flooded kitchen floors when he had to scrape all the water out of ours.

  • Ooooh.....nice that it's cordless - my husband has safety concerns about the corded ones. Thanks for the review!!!

    Hugs, Pam

  • What a great option that it's cordless! I've always had problems with fountains because I wanted to put them in a spot not near an outlet. This one is purrfect! ~the mom

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