Chatty Cats: Olive’s Demand

Happy Friday! We hope everyone had a nice week. This one went by quickly for me, which I guess is nice. It means the weekend is nearly here! I hope you get lots of kitty cuddles this weekend.

Olive’s Demand (Fulfilled)

Olive: Mama, let me in!
Mama: Use the door.
Olive: Excuse me?
Mama: You heard me!
Olive: Don’t make me repeat myself.
∗∗∗two seconds later∗∗∗

(Yes, Olive gets what Olive wants.)

The Week in Photos

Here’s a snapshot of what the cats were up to this week.

Sophie visited the vet over the weekend (just her routine annual exam).

“Where are we?”

We had a traffic jam in the hallway during rush hour.

Beep, beep!

Harley helped with a product review (check back on Monday for it!)

Dexter decided the floor was better than the cat bed.

Woodrow posed awkwardly.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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