Chatty Cats: Sophie’s Confusion

Happy Friday! I can’t believe we’re just a few days away from August. Did you get all of your July goals completed? Sophie sure didn’t. She has yet to find her purse. I’m starting to feel bad for her. Maybe I’ll join in the search next month. Maybe.

white cat on counter

Sophie’s Confusion

Sophie: Hey, put my purse down!
Mama: It’s my purse, and Cat Dad and I are headed out.
Sophie: Why?
Mama: It’s our anniversary, so we’re celebrating.
Sophie: How long have you been married?
Mama: 17 years.
Sophie: 17 years?!? That’s like a decade!
Mama: Uh, that’s more than a decade.
Sophie: How much more?
Mama: 7 years.
Sophie: 7 years?!? That’s like a decade!
Mama: … Okay, see you later.
Sophie: Bring me back something! Not too big though. It needs to fit in my purse.

Sophie’s Photoshoot

While it may look like Sophie is on a kitchen counter, she is not. We have a workspace in the back room off the kitchen. And while I don’t let the cats on the kitchen counters (at least in front of me), they do have free rein on the back room counters. Here, she’s hopped up to investigate a delivery box and then decided to get comfy. I love her reflection in the countertop.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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25 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Sophie’s Confusion

  1. I love hearing about Sophie, but miss hearing about all your other kitties on these posts. It is a bit sad to be honest. Some of us don’t have social media because we have other things we like to do in life than scroll and prefer playing with our kitties and reading about yours. Please consider bringing your short vignettes back!

  2. I found her purse! Oh no wait. That’s her primordial pouch. Darn.
    (Don’t tell her about this.)

  3. Hope you had a wonderful anniversary celebration! Poor Sophie – she has the biggest purse collection in the universe and can’t find even one of them! Love the “double photo” of Sophie on the counter…..yin and yang.

    Hugs, Pam (and Teddy too)

  4. Sorry I am so late. Happy Anniversary!!!! And I love your photo shoot Sophie. I also love those tiles. XO

  5. Happy Anniversary to your mom and dad, Sophie💗 You look marvellous and I hope they get you a big prezzie to put inside your purse, maybe some nip😺 Thank you for bringing comfort on the passing of my Little Binky. Very appreciated! Pawkisses from Heaven to you all🐾😽✨

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