Chatty Cats: Harley’s Promotion

Happy Friday! As I mentioned last week, our Friday posts will no longer be our daily chats from social media. To kick things off with our new change, Harley presents an idea (which I have yet to implement).

siamese mix cat with blue eyes

Harley’s Promotion

Harley: Mama, let’s chat.
Mama: That’s never good.
Harley: I’m tired of this Jr. Associates nonsense. I want a promotion!
Mama: To what? A fourth Chatty Cat?
Harley: Pfft! To CFO!
Mama: Chief Financial Officer?
Harley: ∗sigh∗
Mama: Ah, Chief Feline Officer. Got it. What about Woodrow?
Harley: He gets a demotion!
Mama: Why?
Harley: No questions, says the CFO! Henceforth, we shall be known as The Handsome CFO, Three Insignificant Chatty Cats and the Jr. Dum Dum!
Mama: …
Harley: Amend that! …the Jr. Dum Dum and One Uncooperative Human!

Harley’s Photoshoot

These photos are from Wednesday of this week. As I was straightening up around the house, Harley followed me around. His look says, please stop cleaning and give me a treat!

Harley’s Health

Also, an update on Harley. As some know, Harley was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease in 2019. A little over a month ago, he vomited some foamy water, and it was tinged red. I took him to the vet that same day. He had pancreatitis (hopefully acute, not chronic) and was diagnosed as hyperthyroid. Poor guy!

We started him on meds for both, and we had a recheck on July 3rd. His levels were back to normal, but he’ll be on meds long-term for his thyroid. Through it all, Harley has acted his usual self. He is a senior kitty, though, and I’m sure he feels like it. But we’re happy that his thyroid levels are normal again. I think his biggest complaint from that visit was that he had his belly shaved because of too many mats.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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24 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Harley’s Promotion

  1. Nothing like promoting yourself, Harley! I am glad the meds got the thyroid numbers back in range.

  2. So did Harley get that treat he was hoping for when he followed you around? I suspect Harley the CFO thinks the “F” stands for FOOD. Love the photos.

    Hugs, Pam

  3. Yay for Harley’s health! Skritches has been sick for a over week, despite starting meds 6 days ago. I’m considering putting her in medical boarding so she can be monitored and have meds adjusted faster.

  4. Harley, I’m really surprised you didn’t want the CTO position, Chief Treat Officer. That’s a pretty good report from the Vet, keep feeling well and taking your Meds Harley!

  5. Sending ourrayers and Power of the Paw to sweet/sour Harley ! We’re glad he seems to be getting better ! Hope he takes his thyroid meds without too much fuss !

  6. Harley is a handsome boy. I am glad his levels are OK despite the thyroid meds. I know many times thyroid meds make the kidney values worse. He will be in my prayers. XO

  7. Harley, you are CFO in my book – I’m glad you are doing better and we’re sending healing purrs and POTP your way sweetie.

  8. After all of that pancreatitis stuff, the trip to the vet, and those hyperthyroid meds, you TOTALLY should be CFO, Harley! Glad to hear you’re doing well. XO

  9. We’ll support you for CFO Harley, but we like Woodrow too. Please don’t demote him. Glad you’re feeling better. Purrs, Snoops and Kommando Kitty

  10. Hi, first time commenter but your blog has been a little treat I give myself each Friday for some time. Have you considered I-131 treatment for Harvey? Just from personal experience, it’s added years to my senior kitty’s life and prevented further irreversible damage to her organs (did “unmask” pre-existing kidney issues, but with plenty of time to keep them under control). The meds sadly just delay things while the treatment has a 95%+ chance of a cure. Totally get if it’s not right for you and Harvey but I was so grateful it was available!

    1. My autocorrect seems partial to Harvey over Harley? No disrespect to the new CFO intended!

    2. Hi! I love to see first-time commenters! We did discuss that treatment. But because of his age (we’re guessing at minimum 16 by now) and he’s stage 3 CKD, the vet recommended the meds instead. We also looked at diet change, but he’s a picky eater. He’s so cute, though. I have to give him the meds twice a day, and he walks right up to me, swallows the pill and then goes about his day. He’s such a good boy. :-)

      1. Takes pills willingly? Harley, are you sure you’re a cat? That’s amazing, and he looks fantastic for 16+! Wishing Harley and the rest of the crew all the best sun puddles. Congrats to Mom on the new awards!

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