Chatty Cats: Changes, Videos and More!

Happy Friday! Today’s “Chatty Cat” post is our 222nd one in the series! It’s been a good run, but I’m looking to change up these Friday posts. I still plan to post on Fridays, but it won’t be a recap of the week’s happenings.

I’ve been posting more videos on social media, and I don’t feel it works as well here on the blog (taller video format, copyright issues because of music, etc). So, if you want to see all of our content – chats and videos – be sure to follow us on Instagram or Facebook. I know some of you don’t do social media, so I plan to post other content here each Friday.

But one last time – here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Password Required

Harley: Don’t let him up, Woodrow.
Woodrow: Why?
Harley: He doesn’t know the password.
Woodrow: ∗whispering∗ I don’t know the password either!
Harley: Dum Dum.
Woodrow: Mama said stop calling me that.
Harley: That’s the password!
Dexter: Dum Dum!!!
Harley: Drat.

three cats sitting on stairs

Vet Visit

Harley had a vet visit today to check his levels for his chronic kidney disease. He also had some mats shaved off. He’s missing some hard-to-reach spots while grooming. But he’s still a handsome boy and gets whatever he wants. All the treats!

Catnip Sunday

You have to watch this on Instagram because of music copyright issues.


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Fourth of July Prep

Mama: Let’s do our fireworks check!
Sophie: I’m not ready!
Mama: Scratching fireworks. 8/10.
Harley: ∗blep∗
Mama: 9/10, if only for cuteness factor.
Olive: ∗yawn∗
Mama: Upside down fireworks, be careful! 8/10.
Dexter: How’s this?
Mama: More like sparklers. 8/10.
Woodrow: BOOM!!!
Mama: Finale fireworks! 10/10.
#whiskerfireworks #happy4thofJuly
Wishing everyone a safe and Happy 4th of July!

Grilling Season

Another to watch on IG. Worth it! Make sure the sound is on.


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Belly Floof!

Mama: Airing out?
Sophie: Are you calling me stinky?
Mama: Or hot.
Sophie: Oh, right. Let’s go with that.

white cat belly up

That’s My Girl

Sophie 🙄

Bonus Friday Blooper

Happy Friyayyy!!!

tortie cat yawning blooper photo

Have a wonderful weekend!

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20 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Changes, Videos and More!

  1. Understand your new plans, look forward to seeing what’s next, but again some of us don’t have social media, can’t view these Instagram posts on here, disappointed. Will miss your posts very much. Harley is a love.

    1. I’ll still be posting chats or other content here on the blog each Friday, just not a recap of the ones from social media. I might even post on some other days too! :-)

  2. We’ll follow you because even though we don’t post on Instagram we belong and can see videos. I’m thinking of changing things up here too – fewer posts. No firm plans but there comes a time when – – – well YOU know!!! Great photos this week AND of course the conversation is always stimulating. LOL

    Hugs, Pam (and Teddy)

  3. dum dum is the password? wow that’s pretty cool!!! and better than the one of the mama she wrote on a paper shred because she was not brave enough to tell it da repair guy hahahahah

  4. Cute conversations as always. Sometimes Instagram will let me see the videos, but other times it tells me I have to create an account.

  5. Of course I support your choice but as one of the no-SM peeps, I look forward to still seeing whatever I can here!

    Did you spray catnip on tissue or did it come with something? I get catnip snakes from etsy (Patti Haskins, or something like that) and they’re so potent that the tissue and shipping container are also popular toys!

    1. While the tissue paper would be a super easy DIY project, I actually purchased it from a company called Cocktails and Meows. It has loose catnip in the package. I dusted most of it off before setting down the paper, and the cats still loved it.

  6. guyz….we haz troo lee N joyed theez fry day chatz and will mizz them….we get it
    tho….harley..hope all wented az well az could bee expected at de ewe noe wear
    place….lookin for werd ta what in stor heer on yur blog…..happee week end in de
    meen time❤️

  7. I understand the need to change things up, your chats are so much fun though. We follow you on Facebook but Instagram gives me fits, everytime I go there it doesn’t like my password so I have to change it each time.

  8. I’ve got to get to FB and Instagram more often. I will pray Harley’s blood work is good and not getting worse. Have a great weekend. XO

  9. You guys are one-of-a-kind wonderful. I mean that. These weekly conversation collections are the best thing running blog-wise (and much of social media too!). I just realized I never told you how much I love these. And Woodrow. We ADORE Woodrow. He should get his own blog :)

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