Chatty Cats: Artwork, Snackies and More!

Happy Friday! I’m so excited to share with you some artwork that I commissioned from artist Stacy Tang, who I have featured and partnered with several times on the blog. She created My Dirty Paws and is a fantastic artist! The print she created for me measures 29″ wide and hangs in my office. I love it! Stacy is open for commissions and you can learn more on her website.

Three Chatty Cats commissioned artwork

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

More Adventuring

Mama: Should you be up there?
Woodrow: Mama, I’m-
Mama: Adventuring! I know.
Woodrow: Then why did you ask?
Mama: Please get down.
Woodrow: Aha! So I’m getting close to the treat jar!
Mama: Riiight, because I keep the treat jar on the hallway ledge.
Woodrow: Great, I’m on the right track!
#woodrowsbigadventure #thelovabledumdum

tabby cat walking on hallway ledge


Mama: Harley, smile!
Olive: Hey guys! Whatcha doin’?

tortie cat photobombing siamese mix cat

Sunday Snackies

Dexter: Got any snackies up here?
Mama: Like the popcorn I’m eating?
Dexter: Eh, what else you got?
Mama: How many snacks do you think I have up here?
Dexter: Mama, I see the cookie crumbs on your face.

curious tabby cat standing next to couch

Cute Sophie

Mama: Sophie, what are you doing?
Sophie: Lookin’ cute.
Mama: Why are you in that basket?
Sophie: Lookin’ cute.
Mama: That doesn’t make sense.
Sophie: Lookin’ cute.
Mama: Stop saying that!
Sophie: … Lookin’ cute.

cute white cat in basket

Shocked Tortie

Olive: OMG, Mama!
Mama: What?
Olive: You’re wearing pants!
Mama: I always wear pants.
Olive: …
Mama: Sweats are pants.
Olive: …
Mama: They are!

tortie cat yawning

Investigation Required

∗bag crinkles downstairs∗
Woodrow: What’s dat?
Mama: Just a bag.
Woodrow: We talkin’ snack bag or treat bag?
Mama: Neither.
Woodrow: I best go check it out. Brb.

tabby cat peering around person

Whiskers for Days

Harley: Whisker Wednesday! Boom!
Mama: It’s Thursday.
Harley: Whisker Thursday. Thud.
Mama: Thud?
Harley: Moment ruined.

close up of cat whiskers

Bonus Friday Photo

“Hey, is my purse in here?” ~Sophie

white cat with baby yoda

Have a wonderful weekend!

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19 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Artwork, Snackies and More!

  1. Oh the artwork is absolutely fabulous – she caught the gang PURRFECTLY with their best features and expressions. Poor Sophie – she has bags and purses all over the place but can’t find any of them. Any time a bag is rattled it’s definitely cause for feline investigation! Have a great long weekend…….

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

  2. Beautiful artwork! I thought Sophie was looking for one of her purses. It looked like a great hiding spot. Did you ever think maybe the purses run away from her? Harley, those whiskers are stupendous!

  3. Awesome artwork! Whenever a bag crinkles, a cat needs to investigate. The humans may be eating your Temptations. Have a good weekend!

  4. happee week end guyz! yur art peace iz total lee awesum lee kewl. stacy getz 984 pawz up😺😺
    we N joyed thiz weekz chatz N hope R commint showz up….we iz ona eye pad N de thing iz
    moooovin like mole azzez😼❤️

  5. Love the art. You are all adorable. I love the photo with Sophie and Baby Yoda. Have a wonderful -snack filled weekend. XO

  6. Stacy is so talented! We will go and check out her site now!

    Olive, we get shocked about the pants/sweats thing, too. Working from home FTW!

  7. MOL…better watch those Yodi’s…MOL…The artwork is so beautiful, what a great painter🎨We didn’t know her yet, but will look into it. Thanks for the conversations, they always make us smile😸Pawkisses for a Happy Sunday to all of you🐾😽💞

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