Chatty Cats: Polite, Sweet and More!

Happy Friday! Did everyone have a nice week? We sure hope so! After a busy week here, we’re looking forward to a nice, relaxing weekend.

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Polite Cat

Harley: Mama, may I have a treat?
Mama: Sure.
Harley: May I have two?
Mama: Sure.
Harley: May I have-
Mama: Harley, how many do you want?
Harley: 17!

siamese mix cat with blue eyes

Trouble Cat

Mama: What are you doing?
Sophie: Thinking about what trouble to get into.
Mama: I like your honesty.
Sophie: Thanks.
Mama: Should I be worried?
Sophie: Let’s see, we’re stocked up on AAA batteries. I saw apples in the kitchen. Olive is sound asleep. Yes, I’d be worried.

white cat with blue eyes

Sweet Cat

Woodrow: Psst, Mama.
Mama: Yeah?
Woodrow: Have a really, really happy birthday. Okay?
Mama: Okay.
Woodrow: Psst, Mama.
Mama: Yes?
Woodrow: I love you.
Mama: I love you too.

smiling tabby cat

Blooper Cat

Olive: Hellooooo!
Mama: Hi.
Olive: What are you doing in bed?
Mama: I’m resting. I have the day off.
Olive: The day off? You’re funny.
Mama: You’ve had breakfast. The litter is clean. I can rest if I want to.
Olive: What if I want second breakfast?
Mama: Finish your first breakfast and then we’ll chat.
Olive: That’s not how this works!
#itistoday #oliveblooper

close up blooper of tortie cat

Private Cat

Dexter: Mama, please close the curtain.
Mama: There is no curtain.
Dexter: Mama, please install a curtain and then close it.
Mama: Why?
Dexter: Privacy!
Mama: From what?
Dexter: Clicky clicky, Mama.
Mama: 📸

tabby cat in cat house

Bored Cat

Mama: You have a whisker on your face.
Harley: Obvi.
Mama: I mean on your chin.
Harley: Chin whiskers are in.
Mama: I mean a fallen out whisker!
Harley: I’m bored of this conversation.
Mama: I was just trying-
Harley: Bored, I say!

siamese mix cat with blue eyes

Confusing Cat

Mama: Is your ear cold?
Sophie: No.
Mama: It’s tucked in.
Sophie: No it’s not.
Mama: Your right ear is tucked in.
Sophie: It’s cold.
Mama: I just asked you that!
Sophie: I thought you were talking about my left ear. That one’s not cold.
Mama: ∗sigh∗
Sophie: It’s kinda warm actually. My left one. Not my right one. My right one is still cold.

white cat tucked under blanket

Bonus Friday Photo

Sisters! It’s so rare that I see Olive and Sophie near each other, let alone sleeping. Although, I guess if Sophie is sleeping, then she can’t be the bratty little sister.

tortie cat and white cat sleeping next to each other

Have a wonderful weekend!

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17 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Polite, Sweet and More!

  1. harley we iz crackin up dood….ya noe, if yur mom HAD gived ewe 17 treetz
    yur whisker wooda stayed in place…..just sayin :)

    hope yur mom had an awesum birthday N heerz two a happee healthee yeer
    a head :) ♥♥♥

  2. Hope your mama had a wonderful birthday! Harley, you are very polite. 17 treats isn’t that many. :) And Dexter, I don’t blame you for wanting some privacy. Have a great weekend. XO

  3. What a week! Harley’s gorgeous eyes are so amazing……and probably just a little hard to resist giving him 17 treats when he’s got those eyes trained on you….LOL Rest of the gang seemed to at least be well behaved to give their Mom a break for her birthday – hope it was SPECIAL!

    Love, Pam and Teddy too

  4. Hey Harley, how many treats DID you end up getting? If not 17, didja at least get, like, double digits?

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