Chatty Cats: Adventures, Challenges and More!

We have arrived at Friday, but I hesitate to offer my usual “Happy Friday” greeting. This week the pet blogging world was rocked by the sudden passing of well-known and respected cat blogger Paula Gregg of Sweet Purrfections. Paula also served as the Cat Writers’ Association council president for the past couple of years. I recently started working with Paula when I joined the CWA council last year. She was a wonderful leader and she will be missed by all who knew her.

Here’s what the cats were up to this week.

Involuntary Volunteer

Olive: What are they doing up there?
Mama: Playing.
Olive: Playing what?
Mama: I don’t know. Go join them.
Olive: I need to know what they’re doing first.
Mama: You want ME to go check?
Olive: That’d be great thanks.
Mama: I wasn’t volunteering.
Olive: I wasn’t asking.

cute tortie cat

Woodrow’s Big Adventure

Mama: What are you doing up there?
Woodrow: I’m off on an adventure!
Mama: On the counter?
Woodrow: Adventure has no boundaries!
Mama: There are no treats up there.
Woodrow: I’ll find them for you, Mama! The treat adventure has begun!
Mama: Please get down.
Woodrow: I’ll send a postcard with my progress!

tabby cat walking on counter

Sophie Joins In

Sophie: I hear that Woodrow is off on an adventure.
Mama: That’s what he says.
Sophie: Is it to find my purse?
Mama: No, it’s to find the treat jar.
Sophie: An equally important quest! Perhaps I shall join him.
Mama: Or perhaps you should focus on finding your multiple lost purses.
Sophie: That may be a lifelong quest, Mama.

white cat walking

Planning Ahead

Mama: What are you doing?
Dexter: Looking under the bed for something.
Mama: Sophie’s purse? Don’t tell me she’s recruited you.
Dexter: No, your Mother’s Day present for Sunday.
Mama: What?
Dexter: So far, I spy three lint balls and two chewed-up Q-tips. Which would you prefer?
Mama: Neither!
Dexter: I’d go with the Q-tips. Easier to wrap.

tabby cat peeking under bed

Challenge Accepted

Harley: No!
Mama: What?
Harley: You can’t sit here.
Mama: I wasn’t going to.
Harley: Good. You won’t fit anyway.
Mama: Is that a challenge?
Harley: It’s a fact.
Mama: That definitely sounds like a challenge. Move over!!

siamese mix cat on mini chair

Adventure Delays

Mama: How’s your treat adventure going?
Woodrow: Wonderful, thanks for asking.
Mama: So you’ve found the treat jar?
Woodrow: Not quite yet. I got sidetracked.
Mama: By what?
Woodrow: Empty box, Mama!!

tabby cat yawning in box

Caring Cat

Olive: Hey you!
Mama: Who, me?
Olive: No, my interweb friends! You all having a good day?
#olivecheckingin #bloopercat

tortie cat blooper photo

Bonus Friday Photo

Here’s Sophie peeking into the bedroom at 5 in the morning, wondering where her breakfast is. Dexter’s there for support.

white cat looking through cat door

Have a wonderful weekend!

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19 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Adventures, Challenges and More!

  1. I know right where my treat jar is and I scream until Mom comes downstairs and responds to my “request” ! I think Sophie needs a purse closet – although she’d have to put them away in the closet after use and that may be a bit of a problem – and why she’s lost so many in the first place! Never mind. Dumb idea. Happy Friday and weekend.

    Hugs, Teddy

  2. I am very sorry about your loss. I read Paula’s obituary, and she seemed like a wonderful woman.

    Okay kitties. Find those treats and purses and make room for Mom to sit.

  3. guyz….happee add venturez two all…. anda happee momz day two yur mom; a nice gift wood bee treetz and canned goodz cauz….. we guaranteez….her will “re gift” it !! :)

  4. Sophie, how do you keep losing your purses? I love your blue subway tiles by the counter. I have wanted some like that for years. Have a nice weekend. XO

  5. Is that a cat arch in a door?? If my doors actually closed, I’d want one! Maybe for a future home.
    You have sooooo much counter space! Just the bits shown exceed my total space and mine is completely occupied by cat stuff, a toaster oven, and a countertop dishwasher. I have barely enough free space to prep kitty dinner or make a sammich.
    I don’t know the blogger but ai’m sorry for you, and the community’s, loss.

    1. Yep! It’s a cat door that actually closes itself too (I wanted one that specifically closed as well). So if we need to keep the cats in a room, we can close the little cat door on them. The counter that Woodrow is on is in a back “utility” room off the kitchen. I really do try to keep them off the kitchen counters – which yes, are filled with things like toaster ovens and stuff. I try anyway…

      1. I used to keep my cats off the kitchen counters but Tigeroo didn’t care. She esp like to walk across drying dishes to look out the window.

  6. The service at that drive thru is pretty slow, right Sophie and Dexter! Paula will definitely be missed. It’s so sad.

  7. What is the cat world going to do without Paula? It’s just heartbreaking.

    Sophie, you are just the sweetest kitty and between you and me, I lose things too – but then I get to get new ones, am I right? You go girl!

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