Chatty Cats: Bleps, Bossy and More!

Happy Friday! Some business matters to take care of today. First off, I’m closing my mailbox, so if you want to be sure you have my current mailing address, please let me know. And now the important stuff. Have you entered the CWA Communications Contest yet? The entry deadline has been extended to May 7th! So, get your entries in. I plan on entering this weekend.

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Dexter’s Life

Upon hearing me call him, Dexter runs up the stairs. But keeping to his cautious nature, he pauses at the top, assessing any threats. Finding none, he proceeds to me for pets. But wait, what’s that? Incoming threat!! Harley tells Dexter that I’m his mama and to get outta here! Dexter flees. ∗clomp clomp clomp∗ Proud, Harley guards the stairs against any other interlopers.
#dexterslife #thatsigh

Harley is actually a bit of a bully and quite often makes Dexter move from a certain spot. He also doles out the occasional whappy paw to Woodrow and Sophie. He’s smart enough to steer clear of Olive though.

Harley’s Stuff

Mama: Are you proud of yourself?
Harley: Always.
Mama: Were you mean to the cleaners?
Harley: They were cleaning up my stuff! I have my stuff exactly how I like it.
Mama: Your fur everywhere?
Harley: Exactly.

siamese mix cat in cat basket

We had cleaners in the house this morning. It’s never been a problem before, but they asked me to put Harley away. He was following them around and they weren’t sure if he was friendly. They also said that Woodrow is a big boy. Btw, the cleaner has cats, so it wasn’t an “I don’t like cats” situation. Happy Caturday!

Big Yawn

Olive: Yawwwwwwnnn…
Mama: That’s a big one.
Olive: …eeeegaah!
Mama: Really big.
Olive: Fanks.


Mama: Little blep!
Woodrow: What’d you call me?
Mama: Not you-
Woodrow: If anything, I’m a big blep!

tabby cat with little blep

Bossy Sophie

Sophie: Hey, bring that chicken nugget closer.
Mama: This is a pencil.
Sophie: Go get a chicken nugget. And bring it closer!!
Mama: Why would I do that?
Sophie: So I can eat it!
Mama: I’m not getting you a chicken nugget.
Sophie: Go get me a milkshake. And bring it closer!!
Mama: When did you get so bossy?
Sophie: Where have you been?!? And where’s my milkshake?

white cat with blue eyes

Disappointed Dexter

Mama: Uh oh, your look of disappointment.
Dexter: This is my look of disapproval!
Mama: They look the same to me.
Dexter: Oh, Mama. I’m so disappointed in you.
Mama: Um, so which look are you giving me now?
Dexter: Both, Mama. Both.

disappointed tabby cat

No Photos!

Mama: Can I take your picture?
Harley: No!
Mama: Oops, I already took it.
Harley: Well, don’t share it.
Mama: Oops, I already did.
Harley: Mama!
Mama: You look very cute.
Harley: That’s a given!

Bonus Friday Photo

Happy Friday from Woodrow!

yawning tabby cat

Have a wonderful weekend!

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13 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Bleps, Bossy and More!

  1. Love Woodrow’s “nose wrinkle” when he yawns. Sophie – Madame Bossy as usual…….Harley cool as those cool blue eyes………and disappointed Dexter……the gang’s all here! Happy Friday.

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

  2. Looks like a wonderfully full week with the Chatty Cats and the Junior Associates. Wishing you a relaxing weekend and good luck with your CWA submissions!

  3. sophie; ewe knead ta bee sayin THANX two yur mom like bout 127,933,093,845 timez for KNOT bringin that hunk oh chckn inta de houz ~~~~~ trooth!! :) N ask yur mom if we can stillz sendz emailz…her said her waz closin de box ??? happee week end everee one :) ♥

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