Chatty Cats: Floofy, Confusion and More!

Happy Friday! Did everyone have a good week? It was quiet here, which is always nice. Here’s hoping for a quiet weekend too!

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!


Olive: Mama, did you order my pizza?
Mama: It’s not dinnertime yet.
Olive: What if they’re super busy?
Mama: Okay, I’ll do it in a few.
Olive: Extra cheese, please.
Mama: Wait, I’m not ordering you a pizza!
Olive: Worth a shot.
#longweek #thatwasclose

pretty tortie cat

Floofy Face

Mama: What’s up?
Harley: Just wewaxing.
Mama: Just rewaxing?
Harley: Weee! Waxing!
Mama: Oh, just relaxing.
Harley: Fat’s wot I shed.

fluffy siamese mix cat

Not Again!

Dexter: Mama!!
Mama: Yes?
Dexter: Are my legs on backward again?
Mama: Need the cat reboot sequence?
Dexter: Yes, please.
Mama: Beep bop boop!

tabby cat sitting funny

Just Checking

Sophie: Hey, does someone have nachos in there?
Mama: Why?
Sophie: I heard crunching.
Mama: And you go straight to nachos?
Sophie: Obvi.

white cat peeking in cat doorway

Confusion O’Clock

Woodrow: Mama, is it dinnertime?
Mama: What does the clock say?
Woodrow: Hi?
Mama: Behind you. What does it say?
Woodrow: Clocks don’t talk, Mama.
Mama: ∗sigh∗ You’re right, Woodrow.
Woodrow: So it’s dinnertime?
Mama: It’s three o’clock.
Woodrow: What does that have to do with anything?
Harley: Did someone say dinner?

tabby cat on cat house with cat below

Meaning of Life

Mama: Whatcha doing?
Olive: Contemplating the meaning of life.
Mama: Whoa.
Olive: Yeah, heavy stuff.
Mama: Let me guess. Cheese?
Olive: That does seem to be the most logical answer.

tortie cat looking out window

Poor Sophie

Sophie: Mama, pass the remote.
Mama: No.
Sophie: Pass the popcorn.
Mama: No.
Sophie: I never get anything I want!
Mama: It’s a hard life.
Sophie: The hardest!!

white cat sitting like human

Bonus Friday Video

It’s Woodrow and Woodrow! He often does this in the evenings to remind me it’s time for his snackies. These are two separate videos that I thought were funny put together.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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16 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Floofy, Confusion and More!

  1. Well the gang’s all here and up to their usual fun……we just love starting (or ending or even in between!) our day with the Chatty bunch. Never a dull moment. Love the backward legs reboot and Woodrow’s snackie request video – but then all the conversations are fun. We look forward to this every week!

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

  2. oh man olive you nearly got it… that was super clever… next time your mom has the phone in her hand faster than we can imagine… aybe the eggstra cheese was overdone nd the moment the magic spell failed? happy weekend to the chatty cats

  3. I love the vids together!
    Mostly quiet here too. Beba has a 5:15 vet appt for serious skin problem… but as of 3:55pm she’s MIA! Due to work being jerks I may have to take her to the 24hr clinic instead. Their cost isn’t too bad but their care is really hit/miss.

  4. Woodrow has a sweet little meow. Olive, I would have thought you’d want anchovies on the pizza. And Dexter, you are a bendy kitty. Have a nice weekend everyone! XO

  5. Hee hee! There’s a lot of food talk going on at your place this week. Dinnertime, pizza and nachos … why are we hungry all of a sudden? :)

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