Chatty Cats: Rules, Cookies and More!

Happy Friday! Another week has flown right by and it’s Friday already. I guess that happens when you’re busy. But the good news is that means the weekend is starting! We hope you have a wonderful one with lots of kitty cuddles.

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!


Mama: It’s literally 100 degrees out. Why are you tucked in?
Sophie: Is your use of literally to simply intensify your statement?
Mama: No! It’s not!
Sophie: Your adamant denial suggests it is.
Mama: When did you become such a smartypants?
Sophie: Always have been.
Mama: Well, you sound like Olive.
Sophie: Eww, rude! By the way, can you turn up the AC? It’s kinda warm under here.

white cat tucked under blankets

Sophie loves to crawl under the blankets…even on days like today when it’s blazing hot outside! I guess with the luxury of AC, Miss Smartypants Sophie can’t tell. #spoiledcat Happy Friday, friends!

Just Woodrow

Oh, hi there.
Um, hi?
Hi, guys.
Okay, bye.
Bye, please.
∗whispering∗ Stop looking at me.
Happy Caturday from this goofy guy.

Harley Makes the Rules

Mama: Can I help you?
Harley: You’re in my spot.
Mama: I’m in MY spot reading a book in bed on a relaxing Sunday.
Harley: Exactly, it’s Sunday. I reserved the spot.
Mama: Since when do I need to reserve my own pillow?
Harley: I don’t make up the rules.
Mama: Apparently you do!
Harley: Ah, so you acknowledge that reservations are required. So move!

cute siamese mix cat

Pretty Girl

Mama: You’re so pretty, Olive.
Olive: Tell me again, Mama.
Mama: You’re so pretty.
Olive: Again.
Mama: I have things to do.
Olive: Again!!!

pretty tortie cat

Lazy Mama

Mama: Are you getting out of bed today?
Dexter: Why do you ask?
Mama: Because I’d like to make the bed.
Dexter: It’s nearly noon! Beds should be made first thing in the morning!
Mama: But you’re still in it!
Dexter: Excuses, excuses.

tabby cat stretching in bed

Nice Try

Sophie: Guess what, Mama.
Mama: What?
Sophie: I had a dream that I found my purse. And there were a lot of treats in it! And I found that remote for the downstairs TV in there. And more stuffs and more stuffs.
Mama: Okay…
Sophie: ∗whispering∗ But then I lost it again.
Mama: Sounds like a nightmare.
Sophie: But then you bought me a new purse because you felt so bad for me! And it was bigger and roomier. Yay!!!
Mama: Dream on, Sophie.
#nicetry #thecaseofthemissingpurse

cute white cat

Cookie Monster

Woodrow: Whatcha got there?
Mama: A cookie.
Woodrow: Kinda looks like a cookie.
Mama: That’s what I just said.
Woodrow: ∗sniff∗ Smells like a cookie.
Mama: Woodrow! It’s a cookie!
Woodrow: I like cookies. They’re yum-yum.
Mama: You’re not getting any.
Woodrow: But…cookie.

goofy tabby cat

Bonus Friday Photo

When your bed matches your eyes.

pretty white cat with blue eyes

Have a wonderful weekend!

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17 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Rules, Cookies and More!

  1. Awwwww – great bunch of photos. I suppose Sophie wants a light blue new purse to match her eyes and sleepypod?? Love that little pink tongue in the video too. Never a dull moment at your house is there…..!

    Hugs, Pam

  2. You do need a new and bigger purse Sophie! Our Seal loves undercover work too Sophie. Woodrow, cool video! Happy Easter everyone!

  3. Cute video of Woodrow and adorable photos of all of you. I hope the Easter Bunny is good to you all. XO

  4. Hope you all had a peaceful Easter, sweet furriends and what I see in you, Woodrow, I think you had… look so simpley relaxed😸Pawkisses for a wonderful weekend to all of you🐾😽💞

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