Chatty Cats: Cuties, Catio and More!

Happy Friday! The big news around here this week is that we finally opened the catio for business. The cats enjoyed a few days outside before we hit 100 degrees! We’re expecting a 30-degree cooldown though, so they’ll be back outside this weekend. Hope you all had a cooler week than we did!

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Dexter Photobomb

Olive: Dexter, you’re in my shot!
Dexter: I was here first.
Olive: Mama!!!
Dexter: Dramatic much?
Olive: Yeeesss!!!


Mama: Cutie!
Harley: Talking to yourself again?
Mama: Huh? Oh, you’re good.
#complimentsfromharley #caturdaycutie

cute siamese mix cat

Cool Cat

Mama: Hi, Woodrow.
Woodrow: Sup?
#headnod #coolcat

Catio Time!

Sophie: ‘Scuse me, Mama. Comin’ through!
Mama: Where you off to?
Sophie: Just exploring.
Mama: No lizards, Sophie.
Sophie: No promises, Mama.
Mama: Sophie!
Sophie: Mama!

white cat in catio

We finally opened the catio back up yesterday. We gave it a good cleaning and Sophie was the first one outside. She immediately started searching for her lizard friends. Today, I found shedded lizard skins that she dug out from who knows where. ∗sigh∗

Laundry Day

Mama: Dexter, please move.
Dexter: No!
Mama: The sooner you move, the sooner I can do the laundry and make the bed for you.
Dexter: Then hurry up, quicker!
Mama: What was that?
Dexter: ∗whispering∗ I need my blankie.

tabby cat in a fluffy blanket

Personal Groomer

Mama: Hi, Olive!
Olive: Don’t bother me. My grooming session is about to begin.
Mama: Oops, sorry.

Moody Boy

Harley: Can someone turn down the heat?!
Mama: That’s out of my control.
Harley: But it’s too hot!
Mama: Maybe try not sitting in a sunpuddle.
Harley: Maybe try minding your own business!
#100degreefun #moodyboy

senior cat sitting in sunpuddle

Bonus Friday Blooper


blooper cat photobomb

Have a wonderful weekend!

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12 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Cuties, Catio and More!

  1. Woodrow you are one cool dude! What is it with lizards and cats? For us it’s geckos, but pretty much the same thing. Everyone is darling this week and we’re very sorry to hear about the heat, sounds like your weather went straight to Summer, darn.

  2. Teddy spends all summer chasing lizards that live under our front sidewalk…..he’s only caught one and it escaped by allowing his tail to be “made shorter” (!!). It’s still quite cool here but that doesn’t stop Ted from insisting he go out for a yard check with one of us pet humans in tow. Yes we are well trained.

    Hugs, Pam

  3. guyz..pleez ta N joy sum catio time for uz with thanx…..ewe haz 100, we getted snoz…YEOW!
    nother grate week oh chatz …N harley tell batman we said HI 😺❤️

  4. Olive, My Penny is dramatic too- I guess it is a tortie thing. :) Nice to see all you cuties. Thank you for the kind words you left on my blog for the loss of Sammy. XO

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