Chatty Cats: Hungry, Awkward and More!

Happy Friday! We had a warmup this week – Spring has certainly arrived. Actually, it feels more like summer with our near 90 degree weather. We hope everyone had a nice week!

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Quarreling Cats

Harley: You’re in my spot.
Woodrow: Huh?
Harley: You heard me.
Woodrow: Fight me for it!
Harley: Hiss!
Woodrow: Wait, come back! Let’s hug it out!

Hungry Cat

Olive: Whatcha snackin’ on up there? Is it cheese?
Mama: No. It’s popcorn.
Olive: Is it cheesy popcorn?
Mama: No.
Olive: Mama?
Mama: Yes?
Olive: I want some cheese.

tortie cat looking up

Awkward Cat

Dexter: What are you doing?
Mama: Trying to pet you.
Dexter: That’s the most awkward pet in the world.
Mama: For the most awkward cat in the world.
Dexter: That’s fair.

awkward cat being pet awkwardly

Grooming Cat

Nose wrinkle, tongue curl, tail monch, papillae on tongue, airplane ears.

Happy Cat

Harley: Hey, Mama. Heeeyyy.
Mama: Hi, handsome.
Harley: Heeeyyy.

happy cat yawning

Mysterious Cat

Mama: You’re so handsome.
Woodrow: Who, me?
Mama: Yes, you!
Woodrow: How about now?
Mama: Goofy!
Woodrow: Now?
Mama: Mysteeerious.

Lady Cat

Mama: I love that you cross your paws.
Olive: Well, I am a lady.
Mama: Sophie doesn’t cross her paws.
Olive: Point proven.
#ladycat #crossedpaws

tortie cat with crossed paws

Bonus Friday Photo

Awkward Dexter and his drool drop.

awkward tabby cat

Have a wonderful weekend!

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17 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Hungry, Awkward and More!

  1. 90 degrees??? I thought we were doing well with 60! Aww Sophie, that nose wrinkle! Flynn used to do that when he was eating crunchies. You are very dainty with your crossed paws, Olive.

  2. You are all adorable. I like that tongue shot of Sophie. Olive, you would love Smartfood which is cheddar cheese flavored popcorn. Have a nice weekend. XO

  3. Great photos gang – looks like your Mom captured you on film in all your glory as usual. Love the drool drop – not everyone is able to capture one as CLOSELY as that!

    Hugs, Pam

  4. I love the photos! Sophie, that tongue is so cute. She really is a perfect girl. I love the kitties playing together too. It’s always fun to watch a playful wappy paws battle.

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