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Chatty Cats: Blankies, Doggies and More!

Happy Friday! Has everyone recovered from the time change? I think we’re all set here, but now the cats are dealing with an introoder! Check out the bonus pics below to see who is stirring things up at the Chatty Cats household.

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Tabby Bros

Dexter: Did I say you could sit there?
Woodrow: Yes.
Dexter: No I didn’t.
Woodrow: Then why did you ask?
Dexter: It was rhetorical.
Woodrow: What was rhetorical?
Dexter: My question.
Woodrow: What question?
Dexter: Why are you so difficult?
Woodrow: You didn’t ask that before!
Dexter: ∗sigh∗

two tabby cats on bed

Cozy Cat

Mama: Are you gonna come out?
Sophie: Is it lunchtime?
Mama: No.
Sophie: Is it snacktime?
Mama: No.
Sophie: You have your answer.

white cat under blanket

Time Change Complaints

Mama: Olive, dinner!
Olive: It’s early.
Mama: Time change day.
Olive: Well, I’m not ready.
Mama: You’re probably the only cat anywhere complaining about eating early.
Olive: I like to complain.
Mama: It won’t be fresh later…
Olive: Fine. But I’ll complain the entire time!

tortie cat in shadows

Bad Move, Mama

Dexter: Mama, you moved my blankie!
Mama: It’s right there.
Dexter: Yes, but an inch to the left!
Mama: Oh, how dare I.
Dexter: Yes, how dare you! I spent 5 minutes getting it just right.
Mama: A whole 5 minutes?
Dexter: That’s 5 minutes I’ll never get back!

tabby cat peering on bed

Always Helpful Harley

Olive: Mama!
Mama: What?
Olive: Harley’s in my sunpuddle.
Mama: You don’t own the sun.
Olive: …puddle.
Mama: Nor the sunpuddle.
Harley: Oh geez, Olive. You’re totally missing out. This sunpuddle is like the best sunpuddle that ever existed.
Mama: Not helping, Harley.
Harley: I do what I can.

two cats in a sunpuddle

Sophie’s Find

Sophie: Mama, Mama!! Look what I found! I deaded it! Aren’t you proud of me? Here, you can have it.

Warning Required

Woodrow: Mama, let’s talk.
Mama: Uh oh.
Woodrow: Why is there a woofie downstairs?
Mama: We’re dogsitting.
Woodrow: Well, you should have told me so I could properly prepare my floof suit.
Mama: You floofed up just fine.
Woodrow: My floof was uneven, Mama! Uneven! It was so embarrassing.

closeup of tabby cat

We’re dogsitting for a few days. Woodrow, Harley and Olive have ventured downstairs to check out the intruder. Woodrow floofed up a few times but risked it for the treats I was holding. For those who might not know, we had our dog Eddie for 17 years. But it’s been almost 2 years since the cats have been around a dog. It’s good practice for when we adopt our next one though! Don’t worry, I’ll give Woodrow fair warning so he can prepare his floof suit.

Bonus Friday Photos

This is the dog that we’re watching – Addie. She’s a Whippet and a ball of energy! Boop!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Awwww…..Sophie – good job murderating that colorful prey! I see you got a pet for it – good deal. Teddy is very happy he doesn’t have to compete with anyone for rights to sunpuddles – at his size, it would be quite a wrestling match that HE would win anyway! Nice of you to give Addie a break from her humans – hope the cats don’t get TOO out of joint about it!

    Hugs, Pam

  2. You did good deading your find, Sophie. You are very talkative too! Olive, I think there is plenty of sun puddle next to Harley. More than enough to share.

  3. What an exciting week you have had. Beginning with adorable toe beans and then the Abbott and Costello brothers discourse. Olive looks like she’s going to keep her cute little mouth clamped shut until the appropriate meal time. At first I thought Sophie had found the introoder when she brought you the toy, but then to see the real INTROODER. How fabulous!!

  4. What cuties you all are! Sophie, you did such a good job – what a huntress you are! Addie is just too sweet, I love Whippets.

  5. That video of Sophie was precious. Such a great find for her. Olive, I am sorry your dinner time is thrown off. You are all adorable. Have a nice weekend. XO

  6. Dexter and Woodrow, that is a deep conversation! And Sophie … we’re with you … if it’s not snack time, what’s the rush? Right?

  7. That is quite the find, Sophie! We have one of those too and it is by far the favorite toy in the apartment. You talk to your toys just like my Manna does. So cute! I’m glad you all have made it through the time change. :)