Chatty Cats: Paws, Confidence and More!

Happy Friday! Some may recall that we hit 90 degrees here last week. Well, this week we had a mini storm with hail. 90 degrees is normal here, rain and hail is not. Check out the video with Harley below. Hope you had a wonderful week!

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Floofy Belly Alert

Sophie: Mama?
Mama: I’m on it!!!
#incomingtummyrub #mamasbestday

white cat showing floofy belly

The Paw

Mama: What are you doing?
Woodrow: Shh, Mama. Staring contest.
Mama: …
Woodrow: My paw has won the last five times.

tabby cat looking at paw

Pretty Kitty / Bonus Kitty

Mama: Look at you lookin’ all pretty.
Olive: Okay, go get me a mirror.
Mama: No, I was just saying-
Olive: Mirror!
Bonus points if you can spot the other kitty.

pretty tortie cat sitting on stairs

Valentine’s Smile

Mama: Wanna take a photo for Valentine’s Day?
Dexter: Yes!!
Mama: Okay, smile!
Dexter: How’s dis?
Happy Valentine’s Day from awkward Dexter!

tabby cat in bow tie with awkward smile

Confusing Handsome

Mama: Handsome Harley to brighten your Monday!
Harley: It’s Tuesday.
Mama: Does it feel like Monday?
Harley: Feels like Wednesday.
Mama: Not Wednesday. Thursday?
Harley: Mama…!!
Mama: Handsome Harley to brighten your day!

close up of handsome cat with blue eyes

Lap Needs

Sophie: You look like you need to sit down.
Mama: I do?
Sophie: Eh, I don’t know. I just need a lap.

cute white cat with blue eyes

Confident Boy

Mama: Should you be in there?
Woodrow: Yes?
Mama: Try again.
Woodrow: Ask me again.
Mama: Should you be in there?
Woodrow: Yes!!!

tabby cat sitting in dresser drawer

Bonus Friday Videos

Two bonus videos today!

First up, Sophie and her little back paw (and primordial pouch).

And here’s Harley being brave during a rare Southern California storm.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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20 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Paws, Confidence and More!

  1. Oh that back paw! Sometimes it takes a few swipes to feel like you can TRUST taking the next step especially during a “launch”. Once Sophie was secure she was into the next drawer and oneward! Harley did well with some reassurance – thunder frightens the best of us sometimes. Dexter cracks us up – that “gangster” sneer is priceless!

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

  2. I love that shot of Dexter. And I want to snorgle that floofy tummy on Sophie. You are all adorable. Have a wonderful week. XO

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