Chatty Cats: Brave, Savesies and More!

Happy Friday! We had a little heatwave here this week. We hit 90 degrees! I broke down and turned the AC on. Hope it’s a little cooler in your area. (We’re in Southern California for those who don’t know.)

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Weird Scritches

Olive: Chin scritch, asap!
Mama: Let me put my pen-
Olive: I said asap!
Mama: ∗scritch scritch scritch∗
Olive: What the-?
Mama: You said asap.
So, who else does this? I walk by a cat and let them smell whatever I’m holding. If approved of said item, the cat will proceed to rub against it. Like Olive and this pen.

tortie cat reacting to pen

Brave(ish) Sophie

Sophie: Halt! Who goes there?
Mama: It’s just our neighbor friend.
Sophie: Should I be scared?
Mama: You should be brave.
Sophie: ∗runs upstairs∗ I’ll be brave from up here!

adorable white cat on stairs

Some Memory

Mama: Handsome, thy name is Dexter.
Dexter: Why thank you.
Mama: I only speak the truth.
Dexter: Remember that one time you said I could have three treats, but you only gave me two?
Mama: Like a year ago? We ran out of treats!
Dexter: I’m just sayin’.
Mama: Fine, I sometimes speak the truth.
Dexter: That’s better.

handsome tabby cat

Here Comes Harley

Harley: Watch out, Ma! I’m on the move!
Mama: Where you off to?
Harley: Naptime. Obvi.

siamese mix cat walking

Table Cat

Woodrow: Mama, move! I can’t see around you.
Mama: Should you be on the table?
Woodrow: Yes!
Mama: The answer is no.
Woodrow: Agree to disagree.
Mama: That’s not how this works.
Woodrow: Agree to disagree.

tabby cat sitting on table

Olive’s Savesies

Olive: Guys! I call savesies!
Mama: For how long?
Olive: Indefinitely.
Mama: That’s not how savesies work.
Olive: What, did you invent savesies?
Mama: … Why yes, yes I did.
Olive: Drat! Well, is a one-year savesies allowed?
Olive’s checking out the new cat tree/bed in the living room. Although she called savesies, I spotted Woodrow using it. He clearly doesn’t understand how savesies work either.

pretty tortie cat

Savesies Didn’t Work

Mama: Olive called savesies on that.
Harley: I don’t listen to Olive.
Mama: … Yeah, me neither.
Harley: Good job. You said that like you believe it.

siamese mix cat in cat basket

Bonus Friday Photo

Cute boy. #dexterbear

tabby cat with crossed legs

Have a wonderful weekend!

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19 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Brave, Savesies and More!

  1. HA! I usually let Teddy smell what I have in my hand…..he does the “cat claiming” thing which I figured was just him marking whatever I had as HIS and absolutely NOT mine. Makes me laugh every time. Great photos and “convos” this week!!

    Hugs, Pam

  2. I always let our kitties smell what I’m carrying. Sometimes they approve and will rub on it. Other times they’ll cringe backwards and look at me like it is disgusting. I figure they’re curious and have the options of finding out everything. I love the beginning extra photo of Woodrow sound asleep. At least I think it’s Woodrow. Savesies works just like that in our house by the way.

  3. Wow 90!!! It was 30F this morning but is getting milder.
    Harley, you look like a mancat on a mission. All cute photos and conversations.

  4. It’s warming up here too (Texas), but we’re not expecting that to last through the weekend. Love the new cat/tree bed!

  5. You look cute on the table Woodrow. We had a heat wave too-it hut 50 degrees today. :) Have a wonderful weekend. XO

  6. I was worried about all of you yesterday when I read a headline about a fire breaking out in your area!
    My billion kitties are LOVING the weather! I work half day on Fridays so the kittens got to go out today and are now (8pm) zonked out.

    I also show my cats anything that interests them. This week they’ve each been oddly attracted to my phone.

  7. O how sweet you all are, your pictures are always so beautiful and the chats are so real💗We’re having a little change of weather for a few days too, not that it is warm, but the Sun is out, haven’t seen that one for quite some time🌞
    Enjoy the weather! Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend🐾😽💞

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