Chatty Cats: Blogoversary, Doors and More!

Happy Friday! Time sure does fly by. Yesterday was our sixth blogoversary! We started back in 2016 not knowing where this blogging journey would take us. And almost four years ago, we started the daily chats on social media, posting the recap here on Fridays. I think we’ve settled into a nice routine. We’re happy to have made so many blogging friends along the way and to have so many loyal fans on social media. Here’s to the next six years!

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Snack Time

Mama: You have a tiny speck on your nose.
Harley: I got it…
Mama: A little to your right.
Harley: Almost…
Mama: Almost…
Harley: ∗lick∗ Mmm, chicken.

senior cat trying to lick nose

Something Important

Dexter: Shoot.
Mama: What?
Dexter: I forgot what I was doing.
Mama: Was it something important?
Dexter: Everything I do is important.
Mama: Important enough to forget?
Dexter: No one asked for your opinion.
Mama: Maybe you did and you forgot.
Dexter: Mama!!

tabby cat sitting on office chair

Mama’s Best Day Ever

Sophie: I wanna cuddle.
Mama: With Dexter?
Sophie: With you, Mama!
Mama: … I don’t have any treats on me.
Sophie: Mama! Can’t I just want to cuddle?
Mama: Of course. Scooch over.
Sophie: We’ll just do double treats next time.

pretty white cat with blue eyes

Timeless Woodrow

Woodrow: Good morrrrning!
Mama: It’s the afternoon.
Woodrow: Good Afternoooon!

tabby cat yawning

Guard Cat

Olive: Mama, can you bring me my lunch?
Mama: Why?
Olive: I’m on guard duty and can’t leave.
Mama: What are you guarding?
Olive: My scratcher.
Mama: YOUR scratcher?
Olive: Yes! Someone has been scratching it, so now I must guard it at all times!
Mama: The horrors.
Olive: … Was it you?
Mama: ∗sigh∗ I’ll go get your lunch.

pretty tortie cat next to scratcher

Where’s the Thank You?

Mama: Ta da! Your new door!
Dexter: Where’s the Ring doorbell I requested?
Mama: Why do you need a doorbell?
Dexter: You have one.
Mama: For the entire house!
Dexter: Well, don’t blame me if you want something and I don’t answer the door.
Mama: Duly noted.

tabby cat looking out cat door

Double Trouble

Mama: What are you two up to?
Harley: Trouble, I suspect.

Bonus Friday Photo

Sophie: Whatcha got there, Mama?
Mama: A sandwich.
Sophie: Can I haz some?
Mama: No, you cannot.
Sophie: But I wants some.
Mama: There’s not even meat on it.
Sophie: Sounds gross. I better taste test it for you.

white cat wants sandwich

We had workers in the house this week and I had to work in the bedroom on my laptop one day. This is what my lunch break looked like.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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23 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Blogoversary, Doors and More!

  1. Oh Happy Blogaversary to you! We absolutely love your weekly roundups and it appears that the gang does too because they seem to be “oh so happy” to cooperate with the photography and you are “oh so good” with the conversations. I always leave here with a big smile on my face. Thanks for being our friends!

    Hugs, Teddy ad Mom Pam

  2. Y’all are too cute! I LOVE that door, where did you find that? If trouble had a visual definition, Harley and Olive in that photo would be the one picked. Sophie, you can have my sammich anytime cutie pie.

  3. guyz !!! HAPPEE 6th annie fursarry two ewe.. N for sure heerz two de next 60 :) we haz N joyed all yur postz N look forwerd ta lotz mor. make sure mom and dad sell a brate with a new cat tree, lotz oh canned goodz, few 100 new toyz anda free pass ta; CATZ GETTIN IN TRUBULL !!!! happee week end :)♥♥

  4. Happy Blogoversary! Congrats!
    We think each of your kitties are wonderful, and they certainly try to push their humans around!
    Oh wait…they are cats, that’s what they do!

  5. Happy Blogoversary! Harley and Olive look really similar in those sunny pictures. Must be the way the light hits their fur.

  6. Happy Blogoversary!! I’m glad you’re are here to share the important going on of the kitties every day and the weekly recap. They always brighten my day. Thank you!

  7. Your new door looks like an oversize mouse hole. Where is your mailbox? You all are so good at posing for portraits of your faces. We get up and walk away if we have the energy. Happy 6th Blogversary!

  8. I drink to that, sweet Chatty Cats, Cheers for another 6 years and Happy Anniversary too🍼 I like to see how the paws of the double trouble mirror themselves😺Pawkisses for a Happy Week ahead🐾😽💞

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