Chatty Cats: Goals, Curious and More!

Happy Friday! How is everyone’s new year going so far? Well, I hope! It was a quiet week here, which is a good way to start out the new year. Hope everyone has a nice weekend.

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

NYE Goals

Dexter: What do you think? Can we make it til midnight?
Olive: What time is it?
Dexter: Noon.
Olive: I’m already tired…
Dexter: Party pooper.
Olive: Eh, I’m fine with that.
Dexter: Happy New Year, Olive!
Olive: Happy New Year, Dexter!

tortie cat and tabby cat sitting side by side

Happy New Year from these two cuties and the rest of the cats. Thank you for following along this year and for loving the cats. We hope we made you smile and laugh a little this year. Wishing you a safe and Happy New Year. We’ll see you in 2022! (Btw, I’m like Olive and likely won’t last til midnight!)

Read the Face

Mama: Any New Year’s resolutions, Harley?
Harley: What does my face tell you?
Mama: That you’re cute.
Harley: Look closer.
Mama: That you resolve to cuddle with me more.
Harley: Where are you looking?!? Cuz it’s not at this face!

siamese mix cat sitting on bed

Snoozy Boy

Snoozy Sunny Sunday with Woodrow

tabby cat sleeping in sunpuddle

Cute, Curious…and Rude

Mama: Can you back up?
Sophie: I’m trying to see what you’re doing.
Mama: I’m trying to take your photo.
Sophie: You’re not very good. I’m all blurry.
Mama: I wonder why.
Sophie: Cuz you need more practice.
#thankssophie #bloopercat

blooper shot of cute white cat

Big Bro Life

Mama: Hi, Dexter!
Olive: Hey guys! Whatcha doing?
Dexter: …
Mama: Little sisters, amiright?

tabby cat photobombed by tortie cat

Who Dat?

Can you identify this cat from their nose and crossed paws? I’ll give you a hint, it’s not Olive or Harley.

crossed white cat paws

The Answer!

Woodrow: I did it, Mama.
Mama: Did what?
Woodrow: I tricked them all with my photo yesterday!
Mama: Some people did guess it was you.
Woodrow: Let me have this, Mama!

cute smiling tabby cat

If you didn’t see yesterday’s photo, it was just the tip of Woodrow’s nose and his long leggies (paws crossed). I asked if people could tell who it was. Sophie had the most guesses, followed by Dexter and then Woodrow last.

Bonus Friday Photo


two cats touching another cat
Harley and Sophie touching Woodrow.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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17 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Goals, Curious and More!

  1. None of us watched the new year “come in” – there weren’t even any neighborhood fireworks so I think everyone is a little bit “meh” about the new year. I see your gang is carrying on as usual – we are too although there’s no poking going on. HAHA Happy New Year!

    Hugs, Teddy and Mom Pam

  2. You cool cats are mighty cute!
    Sometimes you just have to humour the humans…right?
    Now that New Years is over, we just have to get through the rest of the winter ;)
    I cannot complain too much as I am a cat and stay mostly indoors.
    Purrs, Julie

  3. Seems like a pretty quiet first week. I watched tv New York ball drop live online. Midnight there It was 9pm here. I went to bed. If it was good enough for New York it was good enough for me!

  4. Poor Woodrow getting poked!
    We stayed up until midnight. We always go outdoors to wish the boys Happy New Year. We did it when they were here and have always continued to do so.

  5. Wishing you happiness in 2022!!

    The cats and I were WIDE AWAKE, counting semi automatic gun shots and listening to large fireworks (and me worrying about the outdoor cats’ fear level), at midnight!

  6. Olive and Dexter, we totally resemble that conversation. MOL!

    That bonus photo is so adorable.

    Happy New Year!

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