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Chatty Cats: Buddies, Testers and More!

Happy Friday! In case you missed it, earlier this week we reviewed the Felaqua® Connect drinking fountain from Sure Petcare. Hop on over to read all about it – and then enter our giveaway!

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Snuggle Buddies

Sophie: Dexter, will you be my snuggle buddy?
Dexter: What do you think we’re doing?
Sophie: I mean, like, make it official.
Dexter: What does that involve?
Sophie: Snuggles 24/7.
Dexter: That’s a big commitment.
Sophie: I like snuggling.
Dexter: How about 20/5?
Sophie: How about 23.99/6.99?
Dexter: Is that possible?
Sophie: Yes. No backsies!
Dexter: I didn’t agree to it yet.
Sophie: I said no backsies!

tabby cat and white cat cuddling

Pillow Testers

Woodrow: I like the softness.
Harley: Yes, very pleasing.
Woodrow: And it’s big enough for two!
Harley: Sadly, no room for Mama’s big head.
Woodrow: Let’s call savesies for a year just in case. She can be sneaky.
Harley: I like the way you think.
When you get a new pillow and pillow case, testers are required.

tabby cat and siamese mix cat sharing pillow

Experienced Cat

Mama: Good job, Olive!
Olive: For what?
Mama: For walking up the new pet stairs.
Olive: I do know how to walk up stairs.
Mama: I know, I just mean…
Olive: I’ve been walking up stairs for 10 years now.
Mama: Never mind.

tortie cat on pet stairs

Right There!

Dexter: To the right, Mama!
Mama: That is the right!
Dexter: MY right!
Mama: That is your right.
Dexter: YOUR right!
Mama: This right?
Dexter: That’s right.

Slow Biscuits

On a cold, rainy day, Harley makes slow biscuits to get his blankie just right. Watch until the end for his loud purring!

Busy Boy

Mama: Can I have my chair back?
Woodrow: No, I’m grooming.
Woodrow: More grooming now.
Woodrow: Oops, little blep.
Woodrow: Now I’m yawning.
Mama: Anything else?
Woodrow: The chair is mine, Mama.

Not Santa Watch

Mama: Don’t tell me Santa watch has already begun!
Sophie: Nope. Pizza watch.
Mama: Sophie, stop ordering pizzas!
Sophie: Have you been naughty or nice?
Mama: …
Sophie: Don’t make me find my purse to consult my list…
Mama: Find it, I dare you.
Sophie: Naughty! No pizza for you!

white cat looking out window

Bonus Friday Photo

Used the wide-angle lens on my phone with this one. Hello, Woodrow!

close up of tabby cat

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. My goodness but the crew has been busy this past week….deals being made – pizza denial incident – slow biscuits – love the wide angle shot of Woodrow as the bonus at the end. In other words – a typical week. We love it!

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

  2. I don’t think Dexter has any choice about being a snuggle buddy. Looks like the new pillow has passed the napping test.

  3. Sophie and Dexter, are two going to make it official? Should we call in a minister?
    If a cat can get to it, then the cat owns it: paws down. Doesn’t matter if the human was just sitting there.

  4. I hope that pizza arrived for you Sophie. And how cute that you and Dexter are official snuggle buddies now. Have a nice weekend everyone! XO