Chatty Cats: Snackies, Trouble and More!

Happy Friday! It finally got cold here in SoCal this week. Or, should I say “cold” (we’re in the 60s)? It even rained a couple of times this week too! Cooler weather means more blankie time for Sophie, as you will see below.

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Mind Blown

Woodrow: Ehem.
Mama: What’s up?
Woodrow: Did I just see you eat a cookie?
Mama: Yes.
Woodrow: Before dinner?
Mama: Yes.
Woodrow: Is that allowed?
Mama: Sure.
Woodrow: ∗whispering∗ This changes everything.

Caturday Cutie

Mama: Are you going to sleep all day?
Olive: Am I the most beautiful cat ever?
Mama: Huh?
Olive: You were supposed to say yes.
Mama: Oh, I get it.
Olive: Okay, Woodrow.
#cozycaturdaycurlup #sorryinsidejoke

Always Bring Snackies

Dexter: What are we doing today, Sophie?
Sophie: Getting into trouble.
Dexter: Okay.
Sophie: We ride at dawn.
Dexter: I’ll bring the snackies.

Expectant Harley

Mama: You look like you’re expecting something.
Harley: What am I expecting?
Mama: I don’t know. You’re the one with the look on your face.
Harley: Get me a mirror. I need to know what I’m expecting.

Adorable Woodrow

Mama: Who has the cutest little mouth?
Woodrow: Um…
Mama: Think hard.
Woodrow: Is it Sophie?
Mama: No…
Woodrow: Is it me?
Mama: Yes!
Woodrow: I knew it.

Trouble is Coming

Mama: Hmm, why are you smiling?
Olive: No reason.
Mama: Should I be worried?
Olive: Time will tell.

You Can Do It!

Sophie: Mama, it’s too high!
Mama: You jumped up. You can jump down.
Sophie: I can’t do it!
Mama: You can!
Sophie: Can’t!
Mama: Can!
Sophie: Can’t!
Mama: I’m not doing this all day.
Sophie: Agreed! Now come get me.

Sophie is our least talented jumper, which means she’s our clumsiest cat. She has to work up a lot of courage to jump to heights that the other cats can do easily (and gracefully). Half the time when she tries to jump onto this dresser (which is four feet tall), she doesn’t quite make it and either hangs on until I help her or falls to the ground. I try not to laugh…I’m not always successful.

Bonus Friday Photo

Oh, Sophie. She’s on her back here. The tent is created from her back leg sticking straight up in the air. As I’ve said before, Sophie really likes being under blankets. She crawls under herself and will stay there for hours, apparently in odd positions.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  • woowdrow you are right.... write that down with date and time so you can always present da change of da constitution....a happy weekend to da chatty cats...

  • Cookies before dinner is a wonderful change in "rules".....Sophie isn't the only one who is "jump-challenged"......Teddy very rarely will jump and then only in the less than two-feet category. I guess weighing 23 lbs. might have something to do with that. Woodrow does have an adorable mouth.....cat faces are so darn cute - that's how they get away with things so easily!

    Hugs, Pam

  • I've had some cats that weren't jumpers but here it's more about the stairs. Gus (who was in a rescue for his entire life and never saw stairs) and Gracie (who came from a hoarding situation) had to learn stairs. Gracie was the funniest. Her back legs ran faster than her front so coming down the stairs her back legs would out pace her front. She'd end up at the bottom facing up. Gus only went up on the perimeter by the balusters. He wouldn't go up in the middle. Still won't.

  • I need to know what Harley was expecting. Did you ever find out? Sophie, your endless silliness is entertaining.

  • sophie; me mackerull, eye like ta chillax under blankits two; even if it 823 in de shade outt doorz :) awesum conversayshunz again thiz week bye everee one.....happee week oh end two all and rememburr; snax BEE FOR dinner N due knot let yur MOM tell ewe diffrunt~~~ ; )

  • Your eyes are beautiful Harley. Poor Sophie, you don;t need to be a good jumper, you are gorgeous. Have a nice weekend. XO

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