Chatty Cats: Magic, Thanksgiving and More!

Happy Friday! We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We certainly did. We had a nice and relaxing day and then a very nice dinner with the Cat Dad’s parents. Pretty perfect. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

The Magic Word

Mama: ∗whispering∗ Woodrow.
Woodrow: 💤
Mama: Woodrow!!
Woodrow: 💤
Mama: ∗whispering∗ Treat?
Woodrow: Huh? Wha? Always!

Those Paws!

Mama: Petite peets!
Sophie: Ba-dum bum!
Mama: Huh?
Sophie: I thought we were shouting nonsense.
Mama: Your tiny paws!
Sophie: Your big hands!
Mama: Never mind.
Sophie: What, I’m trying to play along!
(And I don’t have big hands, thankyouverymuch!)

cute white cat with small paws

Grooming Buddies

BFFs. (Sophie is jealous.)

Not Bored

Woodrow: Mama, are you bored?
Mama: No.
Woodrow: K, me neither.
Mama: You seem bored.
Woodrow: Only if you are.
Mama: I’m not.
Woodrow: Yeah, I’m not bored either.
Mama: Do you want to play?
Woodrow: Only if you’re bored.
Mama: Okay, I’m bored.
Woodrow: Don’t worry, I’ll play with you!
Mama: Phew, thanks.

handsome tabby cat resting his head

Life of a Cat Mom

Harley: Excuse me, Mama?
Mama: Yes?
Harley: I’m confused.
Mama: About what?
Harley: Why are you here?
Mama: I’m always here. I work from home.
Harley: But why are you here in my spot?
Mama: I’m off work today.
Harley: But why are you here in my spot?
Mama: I’m not moving.
Harley: …
Mama: ∗gets up∗ I was gonna move anyway.

handsome senior cat with blue eyes

Hold it…!

Olive: He looks so comfy down there.
Mama: I’m sure he is.
Olive: Should I pounce?
Mama: You should not.
Olive: But I feel it…
Mama: Olive…
Olive: It’s fighting me…

tortie cat sitting above sleeping tabby cat

Happy Thanksgiving

Sophie: Excuse me, hello?
Mama: Okay, ready.
Sophie: Oh, hi there. I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! I’m thankful that you all love me so much.
Mama: Sophie!
Sophie: And I’m thankful for all of my purses that are temporarily misplaced.
Mama: Sophie…
Sophie: But most of all, I’m thankful for everyone’s friendship.
Mama: That’s better.
Sophie: And for being everyone’s favorite!!
Mama: Just couldn’t help yourself…
We’re wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving! Thank you for following along and enjoying the cats’ antics. We’re thankful for all of you! If we made you smile or giggle just once this year, then our work here is done. Happy Thanksgiving!

close-up of cute white cat

Bonus Friday Video

Sophie finds a discarded treat tube wrapper on Harley’s fluids station (for his CKD). That short little tail. Her cute primordial pouch.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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17 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Magic, Thanksgiving and More!

  1. Oh that video makes me think that Sophie just HAD to be elsewhere in the house having a nap – if she’d seen THAT she would have – well – who knows WHAT she would have done! Love the video of her finding that treat tube….I bet she was able to squeeze just one last drop out of it too. You definitely make us giggle or smile every single time you post so keep up the good work – happiness is one thing you just can’t have too much of. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving.

    Hugs, Teddy and Mom too

  2. There was some competitive licking going on there, between Olive and Dexter!
    Sophie, you have wee tiny feets, but you are a sassy one.
    Humans living with cats only means that we are their servants, as they are clearly our overlords.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving!!
    My cats are going into a 3rd week of respiratory infections here. They get better, then get symptoms again. Quite distressing!!

    I found the indoor cat fountain looking like it had been through a dust storm. I opened the house this morn, for cats to go out/in, and am guessing the outdoor cats came in, covered in dust, and left the mess. But, seriously, it’s a LOT of dust!!!

  4. Olive and Dexter, I thought it would end in a wrassle. You were very lucky Sophie was busy elsewhere with her tiny paws.

  5. Your Thanksgiving sounds like it was really nice. An Woodrow, you and Ava are cut from the same mold, apparently. “Treat” is the magic word here, too!

  6. Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. I want to snorgle that tummy Woodrow. And I can see why Sophie is jealous, I didn’t know Olive was into mutual grooming. XO

  7. We’re glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. You have lovely tiny feet, Sophie. Olive, you made us giggle with your Shakespearian dilemna : to pounce, or not to pounce, that is the question ! Purrs

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