Chatty Cats: Grilling, Playing and More!

Happy Friday! Anything exciting happen in your neck of the woods this week? Pretty status quo here. Although, the heat and dry winds are back right now. I thought we were done with our AC for the year. Silly me. Hope you have a cooler weekend than us!

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

That Was (Not) Close

Sophie: Mama, you almost crushed me!
Mama: No I didn’t.
Sophie: It was pretty close.
Mama: I didn’t even sit down!
Sophie: But you wanted to. I sensed it.
Mama: If you sensed it, maybe you should move.
Sophie: I’m sensing that won’t happen.
Mama: Sophiiiieee…!
Sophie: Mamaaaa…!

white cat under blankets


Olive: The neighbors are grilling again.
Mama: Anything good?
Olive: Smells like salmon, but I’m not 100% sure. I better go check.
Mama: You’re staying put.
Olive: I’ll just pop over really quick.
Mama: They’ve asked you not to several times.
Olive: It’ll be fine. Can I bring you back something?

cute tortie cate on cat tree

Do Better, Mama

Dexter: ∗tsk tsk∗
Mama: Now what?
Dexter: Look at the state of this chair.
Mama: That’s all your doing.
Dexter: Are you going to clean it? It’s a little embarrassing, Mama. What will people think?
Mama: You want me to clean off YOUR hair?
Dexter: That would be the nice thing to do. I do need to sit here after all. Eww, it touched me.

tabby cat on office chair

Old Man at Play

Harley: ∗rub rub∗
Harley: ∗rest∗
Harley: ∗rub rub∗

I love seeing Old Man Harley playing with a toy, which he rarely does. So anytime he plays, it’s video worthy. Okay, I guess almost anything he does is video worthy. (I know you get it.)

Tired Tabby

Woodrow: This time change got me like…
Mama: I feel ya.

tired tabby cat yawning

Anyone else tend to feel more tired when falling back? I seem to handle going forward better. I can’t be the only one…?


Mama: Sophie, have you seen my purse?
Sophie: ∗looks down∗
Mama: Sophie?
Sophie: I couldn’t find mine, so…
Mama: So, what?
Sophie: So I borrowed yours…
Mama: And?
Sophie: And I may or may not have misplaced it.
Mama: Sophie!
Sophie: Who am I kidding. I totally misplaced it. But now we can be missing purse buddies!

white cat looking sad

Not Sweater Weather

Olive: Can you believe this weather?
Mama: I know, it’s hot!
Olive: It’s November, right?
Mama: Yeah.
Olive: And I had just set out all my cute sweaters.
Mama: I guess they’ll have to wait.
Olive: My cute waits for nothing!
#notsweaterweather #ninetydegreestoday

cute tortie cate on cat tree

Bonus Friday Photos

Who’s that running across my keyboard?

Have a wonderful weekend!

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16 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Grilling, Playing and More!

  1. It’s fabulous to see our older babies play. I’m going to guess that was Dexter running across your keyboard. Don’t worry Olive. It’ll soon be sweater weather.

  2. We have sweater weather here – fires in the fireplace weather too! Last week was a FLUKE – temps in the 60s but we’re back to reality today. Good luck finding YOUR purse. Sophie has a “purse black hole” and if she dropped your purse in there with all the ones she’s lost – well – good luck!

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

  3. Woodrow on your keyboard?
    He and Dexter are so similar…in the fur, that is! In personality…completely different!
    Sophie, we think you have access to a black hole, and you keep throwing your purses down it!
    We know that cat’s have the power to harness the universe, but that they usually don’t because it’s time for a nap…😹

  4. Olive , your neighbors sounds so rude to not invite you over for salmon. Harley, I loved the video of you playing, such a cutie. And Woodrow, I am always tired, time change or not. XO

  5. Once I was complaining about not being able to wear black due to cat hair. My sister said her B&W cat is so talented it can shed white hair on black clothes and black hair on white. Go figure.

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