Chatty Cats: Movies, Reading and More!

Happy Friday! As mentioned in last week’s post, I attended the CWA Virtual Conference over the weekend. The sessions I attended were very informative. A big thank you to everyone involved in organizing the conference and to the speakers as well! It seems like it was a big success.

I’m also happy to announce that we won the Muse Medallion for Entertainment Blog! The cats are very honored that you find them entertaining, and now they expect more treats.

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Hovery Mama

Dexter: Can I help you?
Mama: I don’t think so.
Dexter: Move along then.
Mama: Why?
Dexter: You’re making me nervous. You’re being all hovery and stuff.
Mama: Hovery?
Dexter: You heard me!!

tabby cat looking up

Movie Night

Harley: What are we watching tonight?
Mama: Don’t know. Any suggestions?
Harley: As long as I get my popcorn, I don’t really care.
#priorities #tuckedincat

senior cat tucked in

Cute Sophie

Mama: You look cute.
Sophie: Thanks.
Mama: What are you looking for?
Sophie: My treat for looking cute.
Mama: If I gave you a treat every time you look cute, you’d get a treat every minute.
Sophie: I see nothing wrong with that.

white cat with blue eyes

Reading with Cats

Woodrow: ∗crawls on chest∗
Mama: Um, hi.
Woodrow: Whatcha reading?
Mama: A book.
Woodrow: Is it good?
Mama: I only just started it.
Woodrow: What’s it’s about?
Mama: If you let me get back to reading, I can let you know.
Woodrow: Okay, I’ll wait right here.

serious looking tabby cat

When Woodrow wants to lie on your chest, you accommodate him and hold your book off to the side, neck at an awkward angle. You know what I’m talking about, right?

Where’s Friday?

Olive: Look, Mama.
Mama: What?
Olive: This is my “It’s only Tuesday?!?” face.
Mama: I feel ya!

cute tortie cat gazing up

Whisker Wednesday

Harley: How they lookin’?
Mama: Lookin’ good.

senior cat with blue eyes

Inspector Cat

Mama: So, whatcha think?
Dexter: I like being up high.
Mama: Good.
Dexter: And this carpet is good for my clawsies.
Mama: Nice.
Dexter: I give it the ol’ Dexter stamp of approval.
Mama: Phew!

tabby cat on cat tree

Bonus Friday Photos

Woodrow: Let’s be friends.
Dexter: Never!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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23 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Movies, Reading and More!

  1. Congrats on the Muse Medallion! I know your blog is a highlight of my week! I even skip over your Instagram posts (the rare times I’m on IG) because I want to see your gorgeous photos, in all their glory, on my big screen! ;-)
    Thanks, as always, for the bright spot in my week.

  2. Congratulations on your Muse Medallion! The cats definitely deserve extra treats for being so entertaining and cute.

  3. Dexter and Woodrow, you look like twins. And Sophie you would be a very big girl if you got treats every time you were cute. :) And Harley you are lucky to get popcorn. Congrats on the well deserved muse medallion. XO

  4. A well deserved Muse awards……you absolutely ARE a very entertaining bunch of kitties with a most talented Mama! My Mom says if I got a treat every time I was cute I’d be TWICE my 23 lbs. which is a VERY SCARY THOUGHT!

    Hugs, Teddy

  5. Harley, we feel you, pal. Bring on the popcorn! MOL!

    Congrats on your Muse Medallion, Rachel! So well-deserved! :)

  6. guyz…..glad yur mom N joyed de confrenze and hada safe trip home~~~~ ;)

    and CONGA RATZ TWO HER…how kewl iz that…a muse !!!! YAY & HOORAY !!!!!! 984 paws UP :)

    hope yur howl o ween waz grate N lotz oh peepulz stopped bye two give ewe all treetz :) ♥♥

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