Chatty Cats: Interruptions, Boxes and More!

Happy Friday! So, who will be attending the Cat Writers’ Association 2021 Virtual Conference this weekend? I will! While I can’t attend all of the sessions, I’m definitely looking forward to learning what I can. Should be fun and informative!

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Hardworking Cat? (No)

Woodrow: Why aren’t you working?
Mama: I have the day off.
Woodrow: But how are you going to pay for my treats?
Mama: I think we’ll be okay.
Woodrow: I don’t know, I like to eat a lot of treats.
Mama: Maybe you should get a job.
Woodrow: Okay, I am really good at stuff.
Mama: Woodrow, Chief Stuff Officer.
Woodrow: Can I have today off too?
Mama: Sure.

adorable tabby cat

For the Fans

Mama: Olive, smile!
Olive: No photos today, Mama.
Mama: But I need to post one for all your fans.
Olive: My fans can wait.
Mama: Okay, I’ll go take one of Sophie.
Olive: Wait, come back! I’ll take a photo!

cute tortie cat with paw out

Important Interruption

Mama: Dexter?
Dexter: 💤
Mama: Dexter?
Dexter: 💤!!!
Mama: Dexter?
Dexter: What?!?
Mama: I love you.
Dexter: ∗sigh∗ I love you too!!

sleeping tabby cat

All is Forgiven

Mama: What are you trying to do?
Harley: What do you mean?
Mama: Are you trying to break the internets?
Harley: How?
Mama: By being so handsome!
Harley: Oopsie.
Mama: It’s okay. The internets forgives you.

handsome senior cat

Box Confusion

Mama: What are you doing in my box?
Sophie: YOUR box?
Mama: Yeah, MY box.
Sophie: I hate to break it to you, Mama. But you won’t fit in here.
Mama: I don’t want to sit in it.
Sophie: Does. Not. Compute.

white cat sitting in box


Woodrow: Mama, I want out.
Mama: You’re gonna have to move.
Woodrow: Why?
Mama: You’re blocking the door.
Woodrow: There’s a box here. Boxes are made for sitting in. Therefore, I cannot move.
Mama: Then I can’t let you out.
Woodrow: Oh no! We’re trapped! What are we going to do?
Mama: You could move.
Woodrow: Oh no! We’re trapped! What are we going to do?

tabby cat sitting in box

Rules for Sophie, Not Olive

Mama: Olive, stop staring at Sophie.
Olive: But she won’t move outta that spot!
Mama: Sophie was there first.
Olive: I was here first! By three years!
Mama: Dexter was here before you. So does that mean he gets priority over you?
Olive: Mama, don’t change the subject!

tortie cat sitting

Bonus Friday Photo

He’s out!

sleeping tabby cat

Have a wonderful weekend!

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17 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Interruptions, Boxes and More!

  1. Chief Stuff Officer is an awesome title, Woodrow. Someone needs to reboot Sophie again. Maybe since you are in charge of stuff… Harley broke the interwebs again. Dexter’s sleep is interrupted. Olive got duped again. Sounds like a normal, busy week for the Chief Stuff Officer.

  2. Woodrow, you are a good snoopervisor. Ava was asking me those same questions yesterday, since I had a day off from work, too!

  3. My newbie kittens became serious escape artists last week so I’ve let them out to olay this morn. Thankfully, they stick around home. So far.

    Outdoor kitties used the opp (open backyard door) to come inside.

  4. I love treats! In fact, I regularly beg for them. Thankfully, the kitten doesn’t know the sound of the treat bag yet so I get them to myself (unlike all the rest of the food in this house). ANNNND … I love boxes. All cats love boxes … but I LOOOOOOVE them. I even love sitting in anything box-like, like a shoe (I don’t quite fit – but I try). Woodrow and I are meant to be! I already knew that – it’s like we’re litter mates. Only that would be awkward if we were into each other. Awkward. ~Ellie Mae

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