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Chatty Cats: Boring, Confusion and More!

Happy Friday! The weather here has finally turned cooler this week, and the cats have definitely noticed. Sophie loves to crawl under blankets all by herself, which is that top photo. In other news, Harley had a senior checkup this week. His kidney values have gone up a bit (they’ve been at this mark before), so we’ll increase his fluids a bit. But everything else, as you’ll see below, was stable. We hope you have a great weekend!

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Boring Mama

Harley: Whatcha doing?
Mama: Working.
Harley: Borrrrrring.
Mama: It’s actually quite exciting. I’m testing a new system that will make things much easier and streamline some processes and-
Harley: 💤
Mama: Harley?
Harley: Sorry, you lost me at It’s.

handsome senior cat

Delivery Confusion

Sophie: Hello?
Mama: Hi?
Sophie: Oh, I thought you were the delivery person.
Mama: Excuse me?
Sophie: I ordered a pizza. Last time they couldn’t find my closet.
Mama: Sophie!!
Sophie: Calm down, I’ll share.

white cat peeking out of closet

No Bad Side

Mama: 📸
Woodrow: Did you just take my picture?
Mama: Yes.
Woodrow: Did you get my good side?
Mama: Um…all your sides are good?
Woodrow: That is the correct answer.

tabby cat looking at camera

No Help At All

Olive: I dropped my toy.
Mama: Then get it.
Olive: My arms are too short.
Mama: I mean hop down and get it.
Olive: You’re funny.
Mama: …
Olive: Mama, hurry! Sophie’s gonna get it!
#bossytortie #thattailwrap

tortie looking down

Sunshine Tabby

Dexter: Box. Check. Sunshine. Check.
Mama: Cute tabby. Check.
Dexter: This is my list, not yours.
Mama: Sorry.
Dexter: Cute tabby. Check.

tabby cat in box

Stable Harley

Harley: Give it to me straight, Mama.
Mama: Well, the vet kept saying stable.
Harley: Stable?
Mama: Stable weight, stable heart – things are stable.
Harley: That’s good.
Mama: That’s great!
Harley: That’s awesome!
Mama: That’s fantastic!
Harley: Okay, that’s enough.

handsome cat with blue eyes

Harley had a senior checkup today and his annual echocardiogram (for his heart disease). “Stable” was the word of the day! He’ll get his kidney values back tomorrow (remember, he has chronic kidney disease). Hopefully, they come back, you know, stable.

Sophie the Model

Mama: Sophie, do you remember our new rule?
Sophie: No new purses until I find all my other ones!
Mama: Well, that too. But when you pull out clothing, you have to model it.
Sophie: No probs. I look cute in everything.

For the past week and a half, Sophie has raided the costume drawer every night. She finally dug deep enough to grab this cute sweater, so she had to model it. You’re welcome.

Bonus Friday Photo

Just Sophie napping on Dexter.

white cat napping on tabby cat

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Sending some purrayers and purrs as you give Harvey more fluids (been there done that). We love Sophie’s sweater.

  2. Oh what sweet photos……We’re catching up around here after vacation this past week and the “gang” looks like they are always on top of things with no catching up required! Love Sophie’s Halloween outfit…..and happy that Harley boy is “stable”…….sending you all Happy Weekend wishes.

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy

  3. The delivery confusion photo made us laugh! And Harley, we agree, one person’s excitement doesn’t always transfer to other humans or cats. MOL!

  4. Sophie, you do look cute in everything. And Woodrow, I agree with your mama, all your sides are good. And Harley, I am glad your heart is stable and I will be praying the extra fluids help. XO

  5. Woodrow looks good from any angle; we don’t jump off tables to get things we knock off–we don’t want them there; Sophie you may have a long wait as those delivery people are really slow; and love your orange sweater Sophie; glad to hear Harley is stable.