Chatty Cats: Cookies, Outages and More!

Happy Friday! I’m excited to share that this week I was nominated to the Council of Directors (Class of 2022) for the Cat Writers’ Association! (And I accepted.) It came as a surprise, but I’m honored to have been considered. I’m excited and look forward to serving!

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Cookie Lover

Dexter: Whatcha got there?
Mama: Nothing.
Dexter: Looks like a cookie.
Mama: Oh, you’re right.
Dexter: Someone once said that sharing a cookie is the kindest thing one could possibly do.
Mama: I’m gonna say that person didn’t like cookies. Me, I like cookies.
Dexter: I like cookies too.
Mama: Not gonna happen.

cute and curious tabby cat

Big Plans

Mama: Any plans for the day?
Olive: Stand here. Look stunning.
Mama: …
Olive: What?
Mama: Nothing. Enjoy your day.
Olive: Thank you, I will.

pretty tortie cat

Sunday Sunshine

Harley Barley in a box with his banana.
#sundaysunshine ☀️

Monday Outage

Woodrow: Mama, are the Facebooks and the Grams back yet?
Mama: Let’s see… ∗post∗ Yep, they’re back!
Woodrow: Yay, let’s take a photo then!
Mama: Um, I just posted one.
Woodrow: Mama!!!
#woodrowcheckingin #bloopercat

blooper photo of cute tabby cat

Guard Cat

Mama: Sophie, look at me.
Sophie: There’s something on the ceiling.
Mama: Are you supposed to be on the table?
Sophie: It’s a spider!
Mama: Get off the table.
Sophie: Should I get it?
Mama: There is no spider!
Sophie: I better stay on guard.
Mama: I’m counting to three…
Sophie: You’ll thank me later.

white cat with blue eyes

Gorge(ous) Cat

Mama: Gorge!
Dexter: Are you calling me a canyon?
Mama: No, I’m calling you gorgeous.
Dexter: That’s not what you said.
Mama: It’s what I meant.
Dexter: Why don’t you just say what you mean?
Mama: ∗sigh∗
Dexter: I’m not wrong and you know it.
Mama: You’re still gorge.
Dexter: –ous. Gorge-ous. Gorgeous!!
Mama: Exactly.

handsome tabby cat

The Other Tortie

Olive: I seeeee youuu!
Mama: I see you too.
Olive: No you don’t. I’m hiding.
Mama: Oh, it must’ve been another tortie.
Olive: I’m the only tortie allowed!
Mama: Hmm, I wonder who it was? That tortie was very pretty. I wonder if she needs a home?
Olive: No, it was me, Mama! I’m right here!!!

Bonus Friday Photo

Yay! The weekend!

tortie cat yawning

Have a wonderful weekend!

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22 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Cookies, Outages and More!

  1. Congratulations on the CWA Board position! You will be PERFECT at it….As for the gang – up to their usual antics I see. Another batch of perfect photos – including a “boxed up nanner lover” !! Have a great Friday and weekend.

    Hugs, Pam (and Ted)

  2. Congratulations on your nomination to the Council of Directors! You will be wonderful! Olive better watch out for that other tortie running around. I wonder if she has Sophie’s purses… Thank you for the happiness and have a great week!

  3. Congratulations, well deserved! As a CWA member, I’m very excited to have you on the Council. Now for the kitties .. Dexter, you are gawjus! Olive, stunning is the word for you, always. Sophie, you are beautiful when you are spidey hunting. Harley, only one word for that sun-warmed floof; squeeee! Woodrow, I was so glad FB and Grams came back, I missed them, especially the ones with you featured. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

  4. Congratulations to being nominated to the council.
    Ho could you not give Dexter a little crumb of the cookie! Everyone is looking lovely.

  5. Congratulations on being nominated to the Council of Directors! Olive, we know that there’s only one tortie that rules your house. Harley, those nip nanners will get you everytime. Sophie, you need extra treats for being on spider watch, it’s like hazard pay. Hahaha! When I checked the box that says, “I accept cookies” I think the wording was changed to “I accept that Dexter will use my Amazon account to ship cookies directly to his mouth!” I may be wrong, I am a little tired. (Goes and changes passwords.) Woodrow, that is a great selfie. Have a nice weekend!

  6. Congrats on the CWA news! Well deserved. Wouldn’t you like another tortie sister, Olive? After all, double the torties, double the trouble!

  7. I would share my cookie with you if it didn’t have chocolate in it. Harley is really enjoying that banana. And Olive, there should be a law that only one tortie can live in a house- Penny agrees. XO

  8. Nothing better than a fresh Nanner to rub into Harley. Sophie you stay on guard as you never know. Tell Mom Dexter said it was alright. You are all so cute this week! Purrrrrtt

  9. That’s so cool about your nomination to the CWA Board of Directors. Congratulations! :)

    Dexter, I cannot believe she did not share her cookie with you. So wrong.

  10. dood…we gived ewe a pawz UP over at de moovee place…..who iz ya hidin de candee cane frum ;) and big conga ratz two yur mom….doez thiz meen her getz a pay raiz sew her can buy cookeez, canned goodz and purses :) ♥♥♥

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