Chatty Cats: Shopping, Impressions and More!

Happy Friday! Did I read my calendar correctly? How did we end up in October already? So now I want to know – where’s our cooler weather? It’s in the 90s here this weekend. We hope you have a cooler weekend than us!

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!


Toe beans! Pawsies! Fuzzy feet!

tabby cat's pink toe beans


Sophie: Where have you been all day?
Mama: Shopping.
Sophie: For me?
Mama: No.
Sophie: FOR ME?!?

adorable white cat with blue eyes

Total Package

Mama: Oh wow, you’re handsome.
Dexter: You say that like you’re surprised.
Mama: Well, you tend to look grumpy.
Dexter: Grumpy? I’m always handsome! Should I be offended? I feel like I should be offended! Yes, you have offended my dignity and self-respect!
Mama: Handsome, grumpy and melodramatic.

handsome tabby cat

Olive for Hire

Mama: You look content for a Monday.
Olive: Monday doesn’t mess with me.
Mama: I see.
Olive: Do you need me to mess with Monday?
Mama: I’m good.
Olive: I’ll be here if you need me.

cute tortie cat with crossed paws

Not Even Trying…

Harley: Mama, look into my eyes…
Mama: Okay…
Harley: You want to give me a treat.
Mama: I’m kind of busy.
Harley: Look closer! Look harder!
Mama: Whoops, got something in my eye. Got any eye drops?
Harley: Mama!!!

handsome siamese mix cat with blue eyes

Do Not Disturb

Mama: What are you doing in my closet?
Woodrow: What are you doing spying on me?
Mama: I’m not spying.
Woodrow: I’m not closeting.
Mama: What?
Woodrow: Huh?
Mama: ∗sigh∗
Woodrow: Exactly.
#donotdisturb #sideeye

tabby cat giving side eye


Sophie: Look, Mama!
Mama: What?
Sophie: I’m you after a long day at work.
Mama: That’s not what I look like.
Sophie: Blerg. I’m tired. My back hurts. I want chocolate.
Mama: … Okay maybe that’s me.

white cat in office chair

Bonus Friday Photo

Harley: I believe I reserved Mama’s lap for this time.
Woodrow: It’s noon. I have her lap at noon.
Harley: It’s three o’clock.
Woodrow: I really need to learn how to tell time. … Or do I?

tabby cat and siamese mix cat

Have a wonderful weekend!

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24 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Shopping, Impressions and More!

  1. Yes October snuck up on us when we weren’t paying attention… want cooler weather? It’s 45 here this morning and our high today will be 70. Leaves are changing….sweaters are keeping us warm…..perfect stuff! Speaking of perfect your gang is working on that perfection in photo-posing thing for sure this week! Happy Friday.

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy

  2. Within a week temps dropped here and we are in fall. I ended up with two cats in my lap this week and neither was happy about it. They get along just fine but are territorial about laps.

    1. On out few cooler nights (60F), my 7 outdoor/stray cats spent the night hopping on a metal cabinet to get to the roof crawlspace and then chasing each other. No sleep for me!!

    1. No. We thought Dexter was a girl for a while, so he was originally Ellie until we took him for his fix surgery. Olive was Lucy for a day or two, but it didn’t feel right. Sophie’s full name is Sophie Zee Kitty. Woodrow is named after a character in one of our favorite shows (Psych – Woody Strode). And we kept Harley’s name from the shelter when we adopted him.

  3. Hot here, dryest September on record – come on Fall! I think that Sophie got a pretty good impression of me as well – MOL!

  4. It’s too cool here, around 50 day and night. We lit the log burner last night for the first time and it was still September!!
    Of course your mama went shopping for you, Sophie. She must be teasing you.

  5. Oh My Catness gang you all had us smiling and laughing but Sophie you and Olive are the top MOL LOL producers today. It was non-stop friends Love your fun Blog and Super Photos

  6. Sophie, you are too funny impersonating your mama. I love the photo of Olive. You are all adorable though. Have a wonderful weekend. I hope it cools off for you- we had 36 degrees last night. XO

  7. wavez two everee one !!!! hope thiz findz ewe all doin soooper grate….we N joyed two dayz post and….AND…..we PROMIZE….when jan ewe arry getz heer…..we will send ewe cooler airz….FREE OH CHARGE !!! :) ♥♥

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