tabby cat and Remember Me Thursday

Remember Me Thursday

Today is Remember Me Thursday, a day meant to “Shine a light on orphan pets waiting for forever homes” – organized by Helen Woodward Animal Center. You can learn more at

This year, Woodrow and Harley wanted to drop in quickly to remind everyone to keep shining that light!

While each of the Three Chatty Cats was a stray kitten rescued off the street, both Woodrow and Harley (the Jr. Associates) were adopted from a shelter via foster failing. So, they hold a special place in their hearts for Remember Me Thursday.

tabby cat and Remember Me Thursday
Woodrow shines a light.
siamese mix cat looking at candle
Harley does too!

Will you join Woodrow, Harley and thousands of others across social media today by shining a light on those homeless pets waiting for a forever home? Use hashtags #SeeTheLight and #RememberMeThursday on social media to share your rescue pet’s story…and help shine a light on orphan pets waiting for their forever homes!

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  1. Cuddles our wonderful rescue kitty is our light of beauty, we will light a candle to brighten a path for other animals in hope to find their forever homes.

  2. YES INDEED we are joining in the Remember Me effort to shine the light today. We think it would be pawsome if today would be the beginning of a lot of beautiful adoption stories for lots of pets who need homes!!!!

    Hugs, Teddy

  3. Adoptions are the best! Thank you so much for helping raise awareness about orphan pets. They really do make the best forever family members, right?

  4. Rescue is our favorite breed. Those are great stories. I wish I knew more of my past. All the cats in our family have come from shelters or right off the street. Keep shining the light.

  5. Wonderful to hear about Woodrow and Harley being adopted from a shelter! We joined, and we hope all the stories about marvelous rescued pets will make a difference!