Chatty Cats: Puzzles, Shadows and More!

Happy Friday! It’s been a busy week here, so let’s get right to the main event. Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Helper Cat

Sophie: Ooo, ooo!
Mama: What?
Sophie: I see the piece!
Mama: Don’t…
Sophie: I’ll get it!


Front pawsies, back pawsies.

Respect the Shadow

Olive: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Watch where you’re going!
Mama: Huh?
Olive: You almost stepped on my shadow.
Mama: So?
Olive: That’s like major disrespect.
Mama: You walk on me all the time. On ME, not even my shadow!
Olive: Your point?

tortie cat and her shadow


Mama: Playing with your toy?
Harley: I don’t play with toys.
Mama: So what are you doing?
Harley: Engaging with this curio.
Mama: … That’s some potent catnip.
Harley: I find it quite agreeable.

siamese mix cat with blue eyes with cat toy

Cat, Duh!

Mama: You look intense.
Woodrow: This is my “I’m watching the electricians like a cat” face.
Mama: You mean like a hawk?
Woodrow: No, I’m a cat.
Mama: Right. What was I thinking?
Woodrow: Sometimes I worry about you.
We have electricians at the house today. Woodrow is keeping an eye on them…like a cat, apparently.

tabby cat staring intently at something

Sad (Lying) Cat

Sophie: Mama, I haz a sad.
Mama: Why?
Sophie: All my food is gone.
Mama: Where’d it go?
Sophie: Olive ate it.
Mama: Somehow I doubt that.
Sophie: Are you calling me a liar?
Mama: Well, you have a microchip pet feeder. She literally can’t get into it.
Sophie: She’s crafty, that tortie.
Mama: You’re not getting more food.
Sophie: Now I haz a bigger sad.

sad white cat

Handsome Dexter

Mama: Hi, handsome.
Dexter: Whatdya want?
Mama: Huh?
Dexter: Are you trying to butter me up or something?
Mama: No, I’m just saying hi and that you’re handsome.
Dexter: There you go again! What do you want?!?

handsome tabby cat with green eyes

Bonus Friday Video

No picture to the video, but listen to Harley’s morning cries. He gets in moods where he goes throughout the house doing this.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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20 thoughts on “Chatty Cats: Puzzles, Shadows and More!

  1. That voice is much different than singing the song of your people, it’s more like singing the song of commanding your peeps – MOL!

  2. Harley, you scored a nip nanner- you are lucky. Poor Sophie, how dare she not give you more food when you were so helpful with the puzzle. Have a nice weekend everyone. XO

  3. Harley, way to take command! You must let your humans know what your demands are. Olive, “I’m walking here!” Woodrow, hawks watch and attack, cats play the long game, waiting to see if their prey is a threat. Dexter, of course your Mama wanted something, your picture. 💕 Sophie, we’re going to set up a “gofeedme” account for you. You’re obviously starving. Have a good weekend!

  4. Those were all great, as always. Sophie’s were our faves this week, especially helping with the puzzle, and trying to lie for some extra snack. :)

  5. TW says this is why she only does puzzles on the computer. Harley sounds a bit like me at 4 a.m. roaming the house if TW doesn’t get up to walk me to my food only my voice isn’t as raspy.

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